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Oct 20, 2009 02:01 PM

Bruckner Blvd & Brook Avenue

I'm taking a 6-day course here and am wondering if there's a decent lunch place or deli in the neighborhood. The closest subway is Brook Avenue on the 6 train. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Bruckner Bar & Grill
    1 Bruckner Blvd. (3rd Ave.) Bronx, NY 10454
    Phone: 718-665-2001
    Wall to wall hipsters courtesy of the up and coming artist scene nearby. Decent burgers and the like.

    1. this was my thread from last year, I'm not quite near bruckner but I'm right at Brook and 138th, which is a few blocks up. some good recs:

      and this is from a few years ago:

      but, as I've said a few times on this board, pick up a tamale from this amazing vendor on east 138th btwn willis and 3rd (it'll be maybe 10 min walk from you, but the oaxaqueno tamale will be a righteous lunch):

      other than that, the area is kinda desolate in terms of eats. there is an african restaurant at 3rd and 138th but I haven't eaten there; most of the pizzerias suck in the area, the tacos are so-so at the little corner delis and taquerias but no standouts. $8 cemitas at a place right by willis and 138th but that seems real high.

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        just to add a few more reviews; these are not recs because as i said, it ain't that great but, if you are coming right out of the brook avenue station, the best of the mediocre pizzas is right at the subway, Golden Pizza. big ol' slice for $2. and right next door is a luncheonette that I've never eaten at. next to that is a cuchifrito place where most of the frituras are terrible, but their half-chicken for $3.50 is quite good; ask for the extra garlic sauce. they also do a $5 lunch of half-chicken with rice and beans plus the typical daily specials. next to that is a mexican grocery with nice produce, but no good eats. a few doors down is another latin eatery but this is the kind that doubles as a neon-lit bar at night. all this on the stretch between brook avenue and brown place. going the other direction (east) on east 138th towards st. ann's and cypress, there are a few other latin joints but I don't like the food there.

        your serious best bet is to walk a few blocks to the tamale vendor I mentioned above and you'll be totally satisfied. and on that block there is Taco Mix which isn't half bad. there is also another taqueria between 138th and 137th on either cypress or st. ann's, Taco de Familia or something like that, which looks small and whole-in-the-wall-y, which means it might be pretty good.

        good luck! if you find anything, please report back.