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Oct 20, 2009 01:57 PM

Is this cheese still good?

My girlfriend came back from France a few weeks ago with a couple of cheeses in tow. One Camembert, and one Tete de Moine (can be found on wikipedia). They sat unrefrigerated on her flights back for probably 10 or 12 hours, but more importantly they are now a few weeks old (they've been in the fridge since). Are they still good? According to it's too late for the Camembert, but how about the Tete de Moine? If it helps she came back Sept 28 and probably bought the cheeses a few days before that.

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  1. smell it and taste a tiny should be able to tell right away if it has gone bad

    1. Agreed...Also, I don't think the camembert is bad; most cheese keep a long time, even if the stamp on it says eat by a certain date. Soft cheese won't necessarily be considered bad just because it sat out awhile. Case in point: cream cheese. I leave it out overnight before making cheesecake and I haven't killed anyone yet :) Let your nose & taste buds be the judge.

      1. I would say absolutely no problem for the tĂȘte de moine, especially if it's a whole one.

        The website you linked seems overly cautious about the camembert. I would have no problem eating it. I do have a problem with the idea of freezing it.

        1. For the camembert, just cut it. If it smells of ammonia then it is past its best. There won't be any harm from eating it, including the rind if you wish.

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            As for the Tete if you have any doubts simply take a sharp knife cut the top off (as you would do to put the girolle in) and look at the paste Tete spoils from the outside in, same as it ripens so even if its going, the middle of the cheese should be fine. as tete spoils the color cahges from yellow tan to sort of brownish (even if the tete is perfect they'll be a little brown around the rind thats normal. If the brown ring looks too wide for confort simply take your knife, stab it into the paste slighty inside the brown ring cut in a circle remove the central plug put it on it's side cut the brown off the bottom and discard the scraps. granted you'll lose the rind but if you using a girolle you'd be losing a fair amount of the rind anyway.
            Speaking of girolle's since you bough this tete in france I'm curios is it and actual factual Swiss Tete or is it a wheel of Girollin; the Tete analog made on the French side of the Jura alps.

          2. Sadly, they're both rotten to the core. Please send them to us for disposal...

            Years ago we were talking to a guy who ran a creamery in Wisconsin. He'd take off for weeks at a time in a canoe & all the cheese he brought with him lasted the entire trip. With some foods it's hard to tell if it's gone 'bad' or not. Bad cheese is obviously bad.

            We came across Tete de Moine at La Boqueria in Barcelona last year, &, happily, in Albuquerque a few weeks ago.