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Oct 20, 2009 01:23 PM

New dosa place in the back of Shalimar Central Square?

Does anyone know more about this? I always thought they could do much more food to go out of the kitchen there but haven't been lately. I gather they are churning out dosa at the little counter in the back. Anyone?

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  1. it's in addition to the back counter. they moved the clothing store downstairs and redid the area into a small restaurant. the menu boasts "indian street food" and is a mix of breads, chaat, kathi rolls, dosa (including more unusual ones like the "mexican dosa" and "peking duck dosa"), indo-chinese food, classic north indian and south indian dishes, and sweets. i haven't eaten there yet so i can't comment on the quality of the food

    1. I've eaten there once. It's called the Dosa Factory and is owned by the same folks who bring you Diva, Cafe of India, etc. A second Dosa Factory is on the way for Moody Street in Waltham. The food was very fresh and business was brisk and the food was good but not outstanding, the same review I'd give to the other restaurants in the group. We had a dosa and a vindaloo. The prices are moderate and so are the portions, which makes sense for the setting.

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        I'm confused. Is it new, or simply an expansion of the food counter they always had?

      2. This is the same old Shalimar food counter with a new sign and some added menu items. The quality is still quite low and the place is still grimy, but the prices are higher. Has a dosa the other day (masala dosa, not those novelty varieties). The dosa itself and filling had decent flavor, but greasy and cooked wrong (not brown at all - prob because they cook it on a flat greasy spoon-style griddle rather than a round, concave tava). That stuff they serve as sambhar is some watered down pap. They claim it is rasam, but it is not worthy of either name. the thimble-full of bland chutney is a disgrace. They should be ashamed of charging $7 for such a meager mess.

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          On a somewhat related note, does anyone know which place does a dosa with a fried/crisp style wrap? I just saw this on one of the food TV shows (I think) but didn't write it down. It sounded really good.

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            A good dosa is always crispy. There is crispy ("regular" dosa) and extra crispy ("paper" dosa). The best ones I had in the Boston area were at the Udupi Bhavan in Ashland, but I think they have moved somewhere else. For a while they were running Ajanta in First Street, but I never thought that place was as good as it could be.

        2. We got a take out menu for them in the mail a couple days ago, but haven't tried it yet.

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            Had a lamb samosa from there a few weeks ago. Way too greasy.

          2. We just had dinner...and i have to say it was bordering on gross...enough said, right?