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Oct 20, 2009 01:18 PM

Tampa Foodies - UNITE!

OK so as we began discussing in this thread there are a few of us that are sad when we miss out on possible lunch/dinner/etc outings, I was thinking it'd be wise to put together an email list so whenever someone wanted to plan a get-together or just was in the mood to try something new for lunch we could get a hold of each other. Does this violate any CH rules/etiquette? If it doesn't this could be cool.

Should we all email one person? do you all want to email me? do we all want to post up our email addresses? is posting them a bad idea?

Just shooting off ideas, hope this is cool with everyone.


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  1. I have no objection to posting my email address and would enjoy learning about any planned get togethers.

    1. you can be the ringleader if you like. I'm not sure I'd be able to stay on track.

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        cool well everyone is welcome to email me at (my nickname on here) at, and I can save everyone's email and then once we have a good # of people I'll email everyone, and if anyone ever finds a cool spot or wants to try out somewhere new, they could just keep that email and do a "reply all"? That sound good?

      2. This'll take some thinkin'...