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Best Veal (Picatta, Marsala, Parmagina, etc) in San Francisco/North Marin

Pregnant woman craving veal needs help! Thanks

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  1. On top of Nob Hill there's a small Italian place called Venticello. They can do a veal picatta if you ask. It's not on the menu but they can make it by request.. Every now and then I crave the combo of veal, lemon and capers. Now, just so I don't get in trouble, you might want to call ahead and confirm that they'll make it for you. But really, how could they deny a pregnant woman with a craving?


    1. It's not picatta/marsala/parmagiana, but Jackson Fillmore does a nice big veal chop with garlic and herbs.

      In the Castro, "The Sausage Factory" is a 'solid average' Italian place. Nothing fancy. Not expensive.
      Perfectly serviceable though, and while I've never been pregnant, it has answered my own personal craving call for chicken parmigiana on many many an occasion.

      They have Veal picata, parmigiana, milanese, and dore on the menu.
      They do chicken marsala, and while veal marsala is not on the menu, I'm sure they'd make it for you. Here's their menu:

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        Funny, I thought of the Sausage Factory but decided against mentioning it. They do a very good chicken picatta. The restaurant is comfortable, well worn, and somewhat old fashioned. Glad you included this old favorite.

        1. Bistro St. Germain does a delicious osso bucco

          1. Try Marcello's on Taraval in the Parkside/Sunset District. Really good veal dishes there.

            1. Marin Joes in Corte Madera

              1. La Traviata and Sam's Grill in SF are two more old-school places with old-school veal dishes.

                1. My favorite of the classic American-Italian restaurants in town has always been Trattoria Contadina. http://www.trattoriacontadina.com/men...

                  Capaninna also makes a good picatta. http://www.capanninasf.com/pages/menu

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                      Contadina or Capaninna? Contadina, the last time I went was about a year ago. Capaninna slightly more recently, I think. Deffinitely neither in '09. When I want a good Italian meal, recently I've been going to Perbacco (my current favorite moderate/moderately expensive restaurant in SF). And L'Osteria del Forno has aways been a staple of mine. And when I want something Italian, local and take out, it has been Amarena (horribly underrated, btw) that I've been patronizing and occasionally Antica. However, none of those really fit OP's desires.

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                        you can try Trattoria Contadina -- iirc, the tables are more separated there, but I haven't been in a while so my recollection may be a little hazy. http://www.trattoriacontadina.com/
                        whiner Jul 15, 2008 09:31PM

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                          Yikes! It has been longer than I thought. I don't think I've eaten there since then, so it must be 2 years now since I've been. To be honest, I rarely have a craving for that style of cooking, and also, I cook quite well in that style. But it is only 3 blocks from my apartment, so really, I should go back. I had several good meals there for what it is.