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Oct 20, 2009 11:58 AM

Ok The reservations are made now what to order!

What wouldn't you miss at the following restaurants:
Bistro Daisy
Martinique Grill
Thanks, we arrive next week!! Can't wait to return to the ig Easy!!!

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  1. the sweetbreads at bistro daisy are wonderful,as is the filet and the ravioli. there was also an good soup with salmon in it, but that may have been a special. the gnocchi, pork belly, octopus, and fettucini at patois are amazing; well, pretty much every dish i've had there is great, just cant remember them all. i havent been to martinique in a while, but if the weather's nice, sit on the patio. they may even have heaters if it's chilly. welcome and happy dining!

    1. Martinique Bistro's soups are always good, especially the mushroom. Do not leave w/o getting the crab salad. And their homemade mint ice cream is worthy. You really can't go wrong w/anything there, and do sit in the courtyard.

      Patois' gumbo is good, as are the moules frites and rabbit tenderloin. Again, you can't go wrong here either. I like to do Sunday lunch at the bar.

      1. Bistro Daisy's menu is small and changes often. Patois: gnocchi, mussels. August: tasting menu w/wine pairing. BTW, lunch is a bargain m-f, 3 courses $20.09. Haven't been to Martinique in awhile. The food is good, but not good enough to bring me back with so many other options.

        1. I did the degustation at August and everything was amazing. It's expensive, but if it fits into your budget it is absolutely worth every penny. And it's a really fun way to enjoy a meal.