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Oct 20, 2009 11:54 AM

Must Eats in orlando near disney. Sushi!

Hey all, did a search and the last post about sushi was from over a year ago.
Can anyone recommend the best sushi spot to hit that is near downtown disney? i will have a car and i am staying at the hilton across from downtown disney. Also, what other must eat restaurants are in that area? I am 30 and will be eating with my GF for lunch, but alone at night, Don't really have a pricerange. TY!!!!!

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  1. Absolutely hands down without question no competition best sushi in Orlando is Amura at Sand Lake Road and Dr Phillips. Get the Rolls Royce Roll and the Napoleon Roll. Make sure it's the Dr Phillips Amura, not downtown or lk mary. Also disregard everything else everyone writes, Amura, Rolls Royce Roll, trust DrTodd. ;)

    1. im sorry but I personally did not enjoy Amura's as I found them to be overpriced and over-riced. but you can try it if you like! try Nagoya's also in the same area, very fresh fish, and also their rolls are great. Amura's is popular but I am not sure why

      1. I agree about Amura being overpriced. And I also don't understand the equating of "sushi" and "rolls". They aren't really the same thing. Sushi rolls is to Japan what P.F. Chang's is to Chinese. I mean, I like a good sushi roll every so often. But don't judge a restaurant based on them. With all of the heavy flavors usually going on, you wouldn't know if they used chicken instead of tuna.

        Anyway, Sushi Tomi is pretty close to where you'll be, and it's fantastic. Their fish is screamingly fresh and the cooked food I tried while there was delicious. About as close to Japan as you'll get in Orlando. Worth checking out. The address is 8463 S. John Young Parkway pretty close to its intersection with Sand Lake Rd. It's in a strip mall behind a 7-11 but don't let that fool you. Every time I've been, my guests and I have been the only Americans in the place.

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          well sushi literally means "with rice" correct? Maki was an american bastardization of a purist's sushi, if you want a restaurant with top quality fish and omakase, ask for that, when I hear people ask for a sushi restaurant to take their girlfriend to, I assume they mean for tasty maki. Amura is expensive but truthfully the meat is also top quality too, I've had some amazing uni there, and it's the only place i've had chutoro with real wasabi, yummmm :)

        2. If you are near Hunters Creek area check out Mikado Hunters Creek location. The quality and freshness of the fish is top notch. It is our favorite place and everyone we have ever sent there has loved it and raved about it. It's off of John Young Parkway
 They run specials according to what they get in fresh, if your into sashimi ask them what is good this week they will tell you. We've had the best baby yellowtail, Albacore Tuna, and Fatty Tuna every just by asking.

          Also a second choice of mine would be Nagoya as mentioned. I also agree that Amura is overpriced for what you get and the plates just aren't that exciting. It's okay just nothing that blew me away.

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            These are all good recommendations and I'd like to add two more. Seito Sushi recently opened on the corner of Turkey Lake Road and Sand Lake, right near an I-4 exit. I haven't been to this unit but the Winter Park one (there are there total, I believe) has exceptionally good food. Also, on International Drive, Hanamazuki is an absolutely authentic Japanese restaurant with sushi and other foods. You might be the only English speakers in there. I haven't sampled its sushi but can attest to a generla request for quality and absolute authenticity.

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              Seito is good, I forgot to mention that one. Also Shari in Thornton Park next to Hue had a pretty sweet 7 course Omakase. We really should try to determine what they're looking for in a restaurant though.

              1. re: askdrtodd

                I went to the Seito Sushi off of Turkey lake and was not impressed. Maybe it was just newly opened and they just needed to iron some things out, or maybe they had an off day. but their rice for the sushi rolls where oversalted and the roll slices stuck together, I couldn't get them apart without breaking them.

                and personal preference for me is that I like freshness, quality and originality over hip decor. I also wasn't a fan that they had a key lime pie martini and key lime pie on the menu for dessert. I love key lime pie but I don't think it belongs in a sushi/japanese restaurant unless it has an orginial stylzed fusion spin on it.

                just my thoughts though I'm sure some people love that stuff.

              2. re: Rona Gindin

                Nagoya on Sand Lake Road is also pretty good!