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Oct 20, 2009 11:42 AM

CT Thanksgiving turkey

I'm looking for a fresh, local CT-raised Thanksgiving turkey. I've done a quick Google search and got a couple of places that seemed promising. Just wanted to hear from CH'ers before just blindly calling around. I'm in Fairfield County and a drive isn't a problem. Thanks in advance!

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  1. At the end of this NYT article from last year there is a list of Connecticut turkey farmers.

    I haul on out to Glastonbury for turkey from Old Maids Farm - it's a drive, but a pretty one, and the heritage turkeys are awesome. The care that George Purtill puts into his birds shows -- they actually taste like something. (They aren't cheap, though.

    From the NYT list, we get chickens from Stone Garden Farm in Shelton, and they're delicious; so I am guessing their turkeys would be good. Shelton is in Fffd County, if that counts for anything.

    Also from the NYT list, Northfordy Farms in North Branford grows excellent produce, but I can't speak to the turkeys, again because I'm in turkey nirvana with Old Maids Farm. Northfordy is currently taking orders, and the sign-up sheet at the NH Farmers Market is not short, which is possibly a good sign.

    I know nothing about Cedar Hill Farm in Orange, but they have a sign out that they're taking orders for turkeys. The listing says Buttermilk Lane, but they're affiliated with Cedar HIll Farm.

    Good luck with your turkey search.

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        I ended up ordering from Gozzi Turkey Farms in Guilford, CT. They said they are holding their prices from last year. While I would have loved to go with your recco of Old Maid Farms harrie, it was priced out. I have 14 guests coming so the cost add up very quickly. A smaller gathering and I would have definitely gone with it.

        1. re: A avenue

          True, sometimes I refer to it as gold-plated turkey, but happily pay the price. Cooking for a crowd would possibly require a mortgage, though. The good news is that there are so many options for locally bred/grown turkeys around this year. I realize it's probably a fad and locavorism will likely be "out" some day, but I'm loving it while it's here.

          Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your turkey!