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Oct 20, 2009 11:33 AM

DFW to Terlingua

DallasDude and I are driving to the chili festival in Terlingua. Our route brings us through Abilene and Odessa. Any must try or can't misses? Namely BBQ, as we are starved for it here in Dallas. Thanks, in advance!

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  1. Well not sure what's out there.I think the Big Texan Steakhouse is out in Amarillo. You can also check out RoadFood.They list restaurants in various parts of Texas divided by catagories. You can also check out the Chamber of Commerce sites for Odessa and Abilene. Wish I could help you out more on this subject.

    1. Harold'a in Abilene has some very good que, plus hot water cornbread. Harold's is located in old, downtown Abilene. If you're on I20 headed west, I20 loops to the north to go around Abilene, and you aren't far from Harolds when you're on that loop.

      1. KD's in Midland is great.
        Fort Griffin now has a location in Abilene. The restaurant in Albany is one of my favorites. Also, Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap is good.
        See this link.
        This will help you find your way.

          1. About 90 minutes to or from Terlingua is Alpine, TX; noting you'll find a couple of decent restaurants in Marfa about 26 miles further away -- not necessarily those serving BBQ. Then, in Ft. Davis; about 26 miles from Alpine, but going NE on TX 118, is the City Drug Store. They have the best brisket sandwich in the region. But back to Alpine: try “Alpine City Limits” on US 90 at the west side of town where I've enjoyed their BBQ Beef Short ribs and brisket. Ask the waiter/waitress to check with the kitchen, however. If the kitchen says "OK" your order. Sometimes they’re fresh as a BBQ'd daisy and at other times … .Their BBQ brisket quesidilas is a nice offering and they prepare a BBQ baked potato with brisket and sausage as toppings. It is big enough to make a meal. Another place in Alpine is the “Texas Fusion” just 'over the tracks' on the Southside of town near the Amtrak Station. I've had mixed experiences with their BBQ beef and pork ribs and brisket; when their 'on' they're alright. The salsa served with their complimentary tortilla chips will take the lining off your mouth! Wow! Truth be told; I've had better BBQ ribs in other regions of the country. If you include burgers in your ‘want’ list; the best in Alpine is at “Alexander's” on US 90E across from the Rangra movie theatre at US 90 and TX 118 in the heart of downtown. The 10 oz burger is almost unconscionably too large; certainly served with fries. The salsa served with their complimentary chips is really pretty good. I've had good St. Louis pork ribs there prepared for the buffet; but entree accompanying the Mexican fare rotates and you won't always find the ribs. The next recommendation is ‘off the reservation’ in terms of BBQ; but a faction of a mile west of Alpine City Limits is the “Oriental Express”; surprisingly good Chinese food for the Southwest; where they have some of the best Hot and Sour soup I’ve ever enjoyed. Other places for non-BBQ in Alpine include: “The B&B” (great, hometown gathering place for breakfast), “The Mural Café” for organic salads, coffee, baked goods, and the like; “La Trattoria” (where their sausage ravioli in a spicy red pepper cream sauce is as good as it gets anywhere); “Primo’s Italian” for good checkered table cloth style Italian food. Another culinary delight; also on the over the tracks near the Amtrak station is “Talgar’s”. You’ll find some very nicely prepared items with a Hispanic flair. When the college is in session; the Sunday brunch buffet in the University Center on the campus of Sul Ross University is the equal of about anything you could imagine. ‘There’s more than I’ve mentioned in Alpine; but I hope this helps.

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