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Oct 20, 2009 11:23 AM

Pizzeria Amoroma Orinda: Very Disappointing

I really wanted to enjoy Pizzeria Amoroma in Orinda, its nearby where I live, looks nice and has a wood burning oven. Pizza was a huge disappointment. I had a sausage pizza which was overloaded with toppings. The crust was underdone and soggy and overall bland. A mushroom pizza fared no better, same soggy and underdone crust. My wife had a crostini of polenta topped with mushrooms which was not too bad. Was this a bad night or have others had a similar experience here? If I do go back I would not order the pizza. I hear the panini are okay.

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  1. Not reading much good. Thanks for taking the bullet and reporting back.

    Pizzeria Amoroma
    65 Moraga Way, Orinda, CA 94563

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      Too bad, their original Italian (not pizza specifically) place in Lamorinda at the Rheem Plaza in Moraga is solid, IMHO...great gnocchi

      1. re: Munching Mark

        No disrespect to slipson, but I updated the restaurant record for this and found a few newspaper articles.

        It seems that one of the co-owners had a father who was a famous chef in Rome during the 1960's. They type of place Fellini and Sophia Loren would drop by. The articles are on the Pizzaria Amoroma link.

        Remembering that type of joint in that era, that didn't necessarily mean good food. However, he talks about going with hsi father as a child to seek out ingredients for the restaurants from the best of the Italian countryside.

        Another downside might be that an older restauranteur sometimes translates to 60's standards.

        However, I'm a little intruiged. Actually, the original description intrigued me. I'm wondering if this is just some Italian style pizza like a Neopolitan where a soupy, soft pizza might translate to soggy and underdone. They have a wood-fired oven.

        Given that that style isn't being done AFAIK on that side of the tunnel, it might be the reason for the complaints about the pizza. The skewered meat did get a thumbs up on yelp.

        So, I've put it on my to-try list. Given I have yet to make it to A16 ... the likelihood I'll actually make it to Orinda isn't too high.

      2. re: rworange

        I have only been there once, but I loved it. I had the skewered lamb and a salad. it was the perfect amount of food and well prepared. I don't think it is worth skipping at all. I'm actually trying to figure out when I can go back.