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Oct 20, 2009 11:04 AM

Magazine Best of Food? [Moved from Midwest Board]

What does everyone think of restaurants emailing their members on their email blasts to tell them to vote for their restaurant?

I don't think we get a true "best of" in Minneapolis/St. Paul when this happens.

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  1. What I hate is the inclusion of nation chains in these contest. How can a top notch restaurant compete against a chain that has 12 locations all over town.
    An example is here in Detroit....

    We KNOW Famous Dave's is not the best BBQ in that stations viewing area...but out of the chains multi-store presence it is going to get that many votes. They may say that it is for just one of their stores, but like on the Detroit list you will notice none of the other locations are listed. That single store is representing all of the other stores.