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Dirty Little Secret

We all have those foods that we know we should not eat, but it is just so good that you absolutely cannot resist. So come on, share your dirty little secret...

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  1. Cheese and bubbly. If it is in the house, there is a good chance it will be gone before you know it.

    1. Cracklins- the kind that are still warm from the grease. A microbe could ski through my arteries on all the built up cholesterol, but I still just can't resist the damn things...

      1. Bacon, lots and lots of bacon - on the weekends.

        Sweets can be very bad for me. So, cake is all too tempting yet very bad. Ugh.

        1. Warm baguette with french butter and strawberry jam served with a double cappuccino.

          1. Are you KIDDING???? Most of my diet is a dirty little secret!! Any kind of soft spreadable cheese with a hunk of bread....chicken strips dipped in buffalo wing sauce (my new favorite obsession), white bread slathered in butter with a bowl of steaming beef broth to dip, Ham and Cheese Croissant Pockets with a shedload of yellow mustard, Sara Lee onion bagels with a truckload of cream cheese....I'm going to stop, or I will type all night...

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              Same here.......my diet is in the tank. :-)

                1. re: Janet from Richmond

                  Count me in too lol

                  My mom and I can plow through chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and you can't trust me with a cheesecake (too many "mmmmm, just ONE more bite...."). Potatoes almost daily, butter bathed soudough bread, bacon are all routine. Even have my grandmother's chocolate chip habit. The only thing that saves me from myself is a small appetite!

              1. Homemade Doughnuts. I am pretty sure they have zero nutritional value. I am making Gourmet's jelly filled doughnuts today. Raspberry with powdered sugar on top!

                1. From a health standpoint? I don't eat this often, but I love homemade biscuits cut open and slathered with butter, then drizzled with heavy cream and maple syrup. There are plenty more, I'm sure.

                  From a foodie standpoint, I have a thing for uhhh...vienna sausages with hot sauce smashed onto saltine crackers. I also like McDoubles from McDonalds.

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                    oh foodpoisoned!

                    I'm so with you on the biscuits... slathered with butter and then oodles of honey, so much that it runs off and onto my fingers.

                    My other weakness is fried chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes.

                  2. We don't get fast food in Bermuda (all we have is a KFC) and I was raised on a whole foods diet, so no fast foods either....so my dirty little secret is Burger King's Whopper

                    Yep you heard it right the self proclaim non fast food eater LOVES Whoppers! When I get states side, I try to hit one first thing to get it out of the way!

                    Guess it is no longer a secret...thank you I feel much better for coming clean ;)

                    1. I'll get mashed potatoes and gravy at Popeye's and some biscuits. Split a biscuit, fill it with the potatoes and gravy and munch away.

                      1. any kinda of cheese is my weakness. I know too much of it is just going to pack on the pounds but I just cant resist!

                        1. Italian bread slathered in butter served with chocolate milk over crushed ice

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                          1. I don't know if it counts as something I shouldn't eat, but I HAVE to saute and devour the liver every time I cook a whole chicken.

                            1. Jfood just finished his cheeseburger tour of MSP and then had his cholesteral checked. a whopping 160.

                              No jfood eats what he wants until tired of it and then moves on. Now on a search for Asian cuisine in MSP and it has been a disappointing adventure so far.

                              1. you mean there are things we are supposed to eat?

                                burgers, fries, milkshakes.
                                fried.... umm.. .fried foods
                                ice cream
                                any and all carbohydrates known to humankind - in large quantities (except oatmeal)

                                1. My favorite food in the whole world that I would give up everything else for? CHOCOLATE..anything chocolate, cake, cookies, etc. I'll eat chocolate chips out the bag or put squares on a peanut butter sandwich and microwave for a minute or until they begin to melt oh so slowly! Dark, milk, semi sweet, bittersweet, you name it...

                                  I also love fresh bread & cheese....

                                  1. I like a spoonful of frosting out of the tub.

                                    1. Oh so many things I could write about....

                                      Ramen, drained of water. Mix in butter seasoning packet and hot sauce.

                                      Gravy, freshly made, sopped up with bread.

                                      Roast chicken skin.

                                      Crispy bits of the fat after grilling or broiling chops and steaks.

                                      Monte Cristo sandwiches.

                                      Cheese pancakes, cheese (shredded any kind you like) in a small pile. Cooked in a pan or broiled until melty and crisp.

                                      Fresh made buttermilk biscuits with irish butter and honey. Lots of both.

                                      Bacon candy.

                                      I could go on, but I really should stop....

                                      1. Bacon
                                        CHEESE (I am lactose intolerant...lol)