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Oct 20, 2009 09:26 AM

New Brandywine Brewing Company- Anyone Been?

I used to go to the BBC when it was in it's old location. Has anyone been since it reopened? We used to enjoy the laid back atmosphere, great for a small bite and drinks. Bartenders were always friendly, but I never really ate at the tables.

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  1. Where is/was it? I found references for one in Delaware, is it now in PA?

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    1. re: leepinleemur

      It was/ in in Greenville, DE. It is in the same shopping complex, just a few buildings over (I think where the old Jansens was??)

      1. re: outofphilly

        It swapped places with Pizza by Elizabeths' former location, next to the former Jannsen's location. I never really cared for their beers but now with a few good craft beers it might have better potential.

    2. I haven't been yet, but I will. Looking at the menu (, it seems pretty similar to the old one. (Well, all I really care about is the pretzels and the crab and corn chowder, and they are there.) The beer list is reasonably good, although I'm not sure I would classify Sam Adams lager as a "small/micro/craft beer". I always liked this place and I'm glad to see it back.

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        OK--finally got over to the new BBC last weekend. Overall rating: food 6 out of 10, atmosphere 8/10, price-to-value ratio 3/10. I had the crab-and-corn chowder and then the braised BBQ ribs and corn bread appetizer. Mr travelmad478 had the Delmonico steak and two draft beers. The crab-corn chowder was appropriately crabby and corny, and not gummy in the least, but it was in serious need of seasoning. I had to load it with pepper (no fresh-ground available, a negative) to get it down. My rib appetizer was good, but the ribs (three or four small ribs) were dwarfed by the two giant pieces of cornbread that came on the plate. This was an appetizer--probably the number of ribs was appropriate, but the half-pound of cornbread was overkill, and if they're going to charge nine bucks (!) for an appetizer I'd rather have half the cornbread and more meat. Or just half the cornbread, the same amount of meat, and a lower price.

        Mr tm478 liked his steak well enough--it was cooked as per his order, medium rare. The "Spanish frites" it came with were basically steak fries with some unidentifiable crumbles of cheese sprinkled on them. Was this the Spanish part? We couldn't tell. They tasted fine, though.

        Atmosphere was nice and bustling. We sat in the room with the bar and the TVs--when we got there at about 6:30 PM, on a very rainy and cold night, the place was about 1/3 full, but it really filled up over the next hour. Clearly, this place has filled a niche. Classic Greenville: I did not see a single non-white face, and we (in jeans) were probably the worst-dressed people there.

        Overall we thought the food was fine for what it was. (I am pretty careful to not get overly ambitious when ordering in a place like this--seems that Eric Ruth found that out the hard way, as per his recent review.) What was over the top, in my opinion, was the $71 (with 15% tip) that I paid for one bowl of soup, one appetizer, one entree, and two beers. Perhaps I am living in some earlier era, but this seemed pretty excessive.

      2. Wife and I were there about three weeks ago and most telling is that for the life of me I can't remember anything we ate. I do remember that I was surprised at how hefty the bill was for what we got. The beer list is just ok. Why do they call themselves a brewing company when they don't (apparently) brew anything? Sevice ok and physical setup is comfortable and inviting. Overall a straight "C". Return trip doubtfull but possible.

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          "for the life of me I can't remember anything we ate" Wow, same here. I think my wife had mussels which she liked but has had better elsewhere (e.g. Monk's, Craft Ale House) Funny, as I type now I remember- salmon on foccaccia. Salmon was nice but bread was hard as a brick and more like a ciabatta. Waitress agreed but did nothing and not worth making a scene over. She said that's exactly how they bake them. The salmon was rich and I asked her if it was wild. (I know odds are that it wasn't but it was a good piece of fish.) She didn't know and didn't bother to find out. The beer list was not bad. Service was otherwise good and the decor was nice, pubby, woody. They kept the brewing name with BBC but no, and thankfully, they don't brew anymore. All in all it was ok but if in Greenville we'll go to Elizabeths and for a pub with good beer list and good food we'll go to Buckleys.

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            danbee1--actually, they don't call themselves a brewing company anymore. The official name is BBC Tavern and Grill. We're just remembering the old Brandywine Brewing name.

          2. I had not been to the old location. I went to the new location and there was a gigantic line to get in. Very inadequate seating. We were told the wait would be about 15 minutes but it was an hour before we were seated. It was extremely noisy. I couldn't hear my spouse sitting across from me. The pretzel appetizer was not great, and apparently that's their specialty. My entree was the crabcake and I was not impressed at all with my order so I have no intentions of going back.

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              Very mediocre. Have been there several times, trying to give it my best shot, but nothing seems too good. Their mustard used for their famous pretzels is even not as hot as in the past. The soups will give you an MSG headache and keep you up at night! Likely use a lot of Sysco products as they base for food...shortcut to bland tastes. It is a good bar.