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Oct 20, 2009 09:06 AM

Where can I get Trappiste Rochefort beers in Austin?

I'm looking for both bars and stores in Austin that carry my favorite beer (#8, but would like to try other numbers as well!). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Whole Foods had it a couple months ago, the 8 and/or the 10, IIRC. The 11.2oz bottles only for about $5.

    Usually when one retailer gets it, they all do. This one I think I only saw at WF. I monitor the Belgian selections pretty well at all the stores. There used to be so few of them that all the stores carried everything there was to be imported into TX. But now there's a big enough selection that not all retailers may feel obligated to carry every brand.

    All of the trappists should be carried by *all* stores, though (only 4-5 of the are exported, IIRC). Rochefort, like La Trappe, was always in limited quantities and somewhat seasonal though. At least from my experiences in California.

    Am I the only one that thinks Orval tastes like toilet bowl cleaner smells? I've tried to like it,. but.... It's the most expensive and the worst of the Trappists, IMO.


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    1. re: sqwertz

      Hmmm, WF didn't have it a couple of weeks ago when I checked. The last time I saw it there was about 3 years ago. I'll check again though.

      I've not tried Orval. And based on your description, I think I probably won't :)

      1. re: foodiegal71

        Like I said - it comes and it goes. My old standbys are Delirium Tremens, Duval, and I love the fact that Gulden Drak is now available here, too. Maybe Grimbergen will be along soon, too.....

        These are always in stock everywhere.


    2. Try the Whip In. They have many Trappiste beers

      1. Accroding to Google, they are imported by Merchant du Vin, whose TX distributor is Ben E Keith. You might contact Keith and see what they say -

        (P.S. - Did you know that Chimay, the first widely available Trappist beer in America, is imported by an Austin company?)

        1. Is there a place in Austin that has Westvleteren 12? It's the top rated beer in the world according to I just missed it on the shelf at a wine store in San Francisco a few years back and I don't know of another place in the US that has it.

          1. I talked to a guy at the Whip In and he told me that the Rochefort brewery won't delivery anywhere in Texas because of some tax issues, which sucks because TR 10 is my favorite beer in the world.

            I'm going to try Gulden Drak because of the Whip In's and Sqwertz's recos, but I'm afraid nothing will compare to TR 10. Oh, and I'll try Westvleteren 12 bc of achtungpv's reco.

            Agreed on Orval. The taste is fine, but the body is too tough and gassy.

            If anyone has any other recos for good, dark, hearty trappists, please let me know.

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            1. re: boulderaz78

              I've never liked Orval, though I've certinaly tried over the years figuring maybe it was just stored improperly.

              You know those blue and green urinal disinfectant pucks? (maybe they have an equivalent in the ladies rooms? <shrug>) Well, I think Orval tastes like those smell.