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Oct 20, 2009 08:43 AM

Cupcake Stop Not Worth the Stop

So, I saw this truck parked on 86th and Lex yesterday around 6pm. Realizing that it was not wise to eat dessert before dinner, I nevertheless stopped and decided that a mini-cupcake would be OK. Let's just say that my 3 year old neighbor made better cupcakes this past weekend. It wasn't terrible, but it was hardly anything to rave about. This city has become obsessed with cupcakes, but in my opinion, the $3 box of Betty Crocker beats most of them.

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  1. Agreed. I found them to be really dry, and pricey for the portion. Points for the unusual/innovative flavor combos, but at the end of day, it's all about the execution, which they fall short on.

    1. i agree with this sentiment almost 100% of the time. i do find the cupcakes (as well as the pies!!!) at sugar sweet sunshine to be pretty special but other than them i am usually pretty let down by most cupcake places

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        Sorry gang, you are shopping at the wrong place. Try the Cupcake Cafe at 39th and 9th Avenue. You will not be disappointed.

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          Oh, I'm not a fan of Cupcake Cafe at all. While their version is the most attractive, I found the product to have oily, bland icing and very dry cake. I agree with Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

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            Now I'm not saying that I won't eat the cupcakes that seem to appear in my office on a weekly basis. My point is that when my neighbor brought over her Betty Crocker creation, I was surprised by how moist they were - something that I can't remember thinking while eating the various other cupcakes. I'm sure they vary batch to batch and maybe the nanny next door is some secret pastry chef, but I know what I'll be baking this weekend!

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            I am not a fan of Cupcake Cafe either. Agreed that they are beautiful. But they are best looked at, not eaten.

            Really dry cake was the most memorable thing about their cupcakes.

            1. re: magfitz

              Precisely! There are so many better places taste-wise; for a magazine spread, cupcake cafe is the place. Otherwise, Kyotofu, Amy's, SSS (certain flavors) are much better choices! Have not tried cupcake stop but don't feel compelled to with these reviews....

        2. Agreed. I love food trucks generally but this one sucks.

          1. Hallelujah there are New Yorkers with good taste *you all).

            I was always suspicious of these cupcakes because from their photos you can tell they use American buttercream (the bad kind). Anyhow, I walked past the truck last week and because I was cranky, I got myself two minis - red velvet and fluffernutter. They were ATROCIOUS.

            The red velvet cupcake was so dry and crumbly and the frosting had SO much confectioners sugar in it that it was not just crusted over, it was rock solid. Needless to say I threw that one out after one bite.

            The fluffernutter was even worse. The cake was rock hard and the driest cake known to man. The frosting was decent because it was saved by the peanut butter in it.

            Seriously, how the heck is this place still in business? Oh, I know why, because to most people sugar = delicious. It's the same reason Magnolia is still in business.

            1. You were so close to some of the best cupcakes in the city! Two Little Red Hens, on 2nd Ave btwn 86th and 85th, has great cupcakes and cakes. I'm partial to the Brooklyn Blackout (chocolate cake with a chocolate frosting center) but the red velvet is also excellent.

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                Yes, that place is actually tasty. Especially, when it's cold outside and you have time to sit and have a cup of coffee and read the paper.