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Oct 20, 2009 08:11 AM

Turkey Time (Phx)

Amazingly, its almost thanksgiving. I was hoping to get people's thoughts on sources for turkey in Phoenix. We ordered the heritage turkey through Chryssa Kaufman of Rancho Pinot and were really happy with that bird. That being said, it is a little on the pricey side ($7 per pound, which is actually a discount over the regular price).

Anyone else get turkeys from elsewhere that they were happy with?

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  1. I would love to order a heritage turkey this year. Usually get mine at WF, but may try this place you mentioned. Have you seen the turkey cam?

    1. I went through a four year period where I ordered the specialty birds that were increasingly expensive. These included one touted by David Rosengarten's food newsletter as the best turkey in the country. In year 5 I purchased a Butterball turkey and used the same recipe I had tweaked over the previious several years and I have to say, it was just as good, tasty and juicy as the other, way more expensive turkeys. I've stuck with that plan the last couple of years with no regrets. The turkey comes out looking like it could be on the cover of a food magazine, always has great flavor and is never dry. I don't think this would work on one of those really cheap supermarket turkeys and, in any case, I am not willing to try. So in my experience a decent quality turkey and a great recipe work just fine.

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        Thanks--For me its not only about taste. It is also about the manner in which the turkeys are raised and a decision on my part to avoid supporting large scale commercial poulty production.

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          That's certainly understandable as a personal decision as long as you can be sure the bird you purchase was raised in a manner you are comfortable with.

      2. We usually do chicken rather than turkey on T-Day, but this year, I'm considering going traditional. If we go that route, I'll probably order a pasture-raised bird from Josh Koehn, of Josh's Foraging Fowl's based in SE Arizona. I've bought several chickens from Josh and have always been pleased. So, I'm kind of eager to try one of his turkeys, assuming he has any left.

        I can forward you the order form/info sheet for Josh's turkeys. Feel free to contact me at the address in my profile, if you'd like.

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          Thanks. I have bought from Josh in the past and liked the taste of the heritage bird more. I think Josh is raising your basic broad breasted white but on an open-range as opposed to the awful confinement operations of the commercial producers. I am also a customer of his chickens (and Anya's steaks) and think both are great.

        2. Ordered from Sprouts it was amazing and well priced!

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            I don't thikn it's what the OP is looking for but I agree, I've been buying turkeys from Sprouts since they opened and ahve always been pleased. Not heritage but they are free range and natural. We made one Saturday on our Big Green Egg - it was delicious.

            I did get an email from Desert Roots that they are offering heritage turkeys. I don't remember the exact price but a 14lb was going to cost around $80 if I remember my mental calculations correctly.

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              actually ziggylu the original post asks what turkey's people have been happy with not speaking of any particular kind! : )