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Oct 20, 2009 07:43 AM

Ground Lamb in NJ

Does anybody know of a good place to buy ground lamb in central or northern New Jersey? I'm looking to buy about 5 lbs and need some quality meat.

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  1. do you have a butcher you deal with? i would think any butcher that carries lamb would grind it for you. i grind blade steaks at home when i want ground lamb. they're cheap and suit my needs.

    1. If you don't have a local butcher nearby, even the meat dept at a supermarket will grind it for you...

      1. Valley Shepherd in Long Valley, Nj sells lamb-various cuts including ground- around this time of year...They're at the shop in long valley, but also bring meat to the various farmers markets they're at. From their site:

        Valley Shepherd Creamery
        50 Fairmount Rd
        Long Valley, NJ 07853
        Phone: 908-876-3200
        FAX: 908-916-5269
        Toll Free: [coming soon!]

        Get our cheeses at these Farmer Markets:
        Tue-Princeton Univ
        Wed - Union SQ& Dag Plaza
        Wed & Fri- Rockflr Ctr
        Thur-Nyack, NY
        Fri-City hall& 97th & Col. NYC
        Fri-Rutgers Univ, NJ
        Sat - Union Sq, NYC & Boro hall-Bklyn
        Sat - Abingdon Sq &Tribecca NYC..
        Sat - Bernardsville & Montclair, NJ
        Sat - Inwood, NYC & Morningsde
        Sun - Lawrncevill, tenafly & Morristown
        Sun - Summit, NJ, Stuyv Village, NY
        Sun:77th&C.P., NYC
        Sun:Rye, NY &Piermont, NY
        Also available in our shop, online, and at very few retailers nationally.

        1. All of the supermarkets around me carry it, Shop Rite, Kings, A&P. But you can always request it at the meat counter in any supermarket.

          1. THe absolute best lamb in the state is raised by Lou Tommaso at Pittenger Farms up near Allamuchy:

            If you don't need anything that high end, you might try the many middle eastern butchers on Main Street where Clifton meets Paterson.