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Oct 20, 2009 07:35 AM

Best Steakhouse in NYC to watch Yankee Game on TV

Where can my friend and i eat a great steak dinner at a nice bar with the Yankee game on a nice, big flatscreen TV? We are huge Yankee fans, and i am owed a Steak Dinner! Any recommendations?

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  1. If you can grab two seats at the bar at Keens, you can have a great steak dinner and watch the game on the little TV over the bar. No big flatscreen, though!

    1. BLT Prime has a flatscreen at the corner of the bar, although the bar is pretty small, maybe 5 -7 seats. Great steaks. Can't see the TV from any of the tables.

      Primehouse has a bunch of TVs at the large bar area but the steak is only decent to good. The burger at the bar (on the separate bar menu) is great though.

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        Primehouse does probably have the best TV setup in a high-end steakhouse...steaks are good, not life-changing, but for this request I think it's a solid suggestion.

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        1. Maxies grill has a ton of TVs and a sports bar like atmosphere. The steaks are the same as at Angelo and Maxies. They share the same kitchen

          1. Mickey Mantle's would have a great baseball buzz, I've been but not had a steak but I just checked the menu and they look pretty good.