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Best Steakhouse in NYC to watch Yankee Game on TV

Where can my friend and i eat a great steak dinner at a nice bar with the Yankee game on a nice, big flatscreen TV? We are huge Yankee fans, and i am owed a Steak Dinner! Any recommendations?

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  1. If you can grab two seats at the bar at Keens, you can have a great steak dinner and watch the game on the little TV over the bar. No big flatscreen, though!

    1. BLT Prime has a flatscreen at the corner of the bar, although the bar is pretty small, maybe 5 -7 seats. Great steaks. Can't see the TV from any of the tables.

      Primehouse has a bunch of TVs at the large bar area but the steak is only decent to good. The burger at the bar (on the separate bar menu) is great though.

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        Primehouse does probably have the best TV setup in a high-end steakhouse...steaks are good, not life-changing, but for this request I think it's a solid suggestion.

      2. Maxies grill has a ton of TVs and a sports bar like atmosphere. The steaks are the same as at Angelo and Maxies. They share the same kitchen

        1. Mickey Mantle's would have a great baseball buzz, I've been but not had a steak but I just checked the menu and they look pretty good.

          1. Awesome - great suggestions - i think it's between BLT Prime and Maxies....with Primehouse as the backup!

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              If you want the best steak, you can't even compare Angelo and Maxies to BLT Prime. Its like comparing the Twins to the Yankees. Sure the Twins are good compared to the KC Royals but they pale in comparison to the Yankees, just like A&M is a fraction of what BLT Prime is.

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                BLT Prime is not going to have the sports bar atmosphere the OP is looking for. You cant jump up and scream when A-Rod hit a HR.

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                  I agree with that statement but the OP did say "great steak dinner" which you can't get at Angelo and Maxies/ Maxie's Grill.

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                    You can get a damm good steak. Maybe not PL quality but a way above average steak. They also have the best creamed spinach in NYC.

            2. How about make the trip up to Yankee Stadium and go to NYY Steak? I've yet to go, but I've heard it's damn good.

              1. you could eat at the bar at StripHouse. they have a nice size tv in the corner and very good steaks.

                1. After all that, ended up staying in Hoboken and eating at Dino & Harry's (the old Frankie and Johnny's). Very quality steak. Excellent char on the outside, and perfectly seasoned. Went with their signature Sirloin, and it was cooked perfectly. Not the best steak i've ever had, and perhaps not worth the $38, but it was definitely solid. Nice TV too. But i'll bet BLT Steak would have been better, as well as Maxies or Strip House. Next time fo' sho'. Perhaps i'll set up a Burger/Yankee Game night for this Thursday. Now we're talkin a whole different slew of places.....sorry to switch it up - but anyone have any great Burger spots with nice Flat Screens to watch the game?

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                    that's easy, blue smoke, no question

                  2. The secret steak treasure is the Knickerbocker on University & 9th, a porterhouse that can't be topped and they have a Tv in the bar area, but call to make sure you can get seated there. You're not limited to steakhouse sides as it has a complete menu.