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Oct 20, 2009 04:12 AM

Kentucky Bourbon Country Restaurant advice...

OK..taking the wife to Bourbon Country...the area triangulated by Lexington,KY, Louisville, KY, and Bardstown, KY. (about a 50 mile radius). Going to visit the distilleries, and try the local brews. Question is are there any good restaurants (and hotels) that we should eat or stay at..? How good is the Old Stone Inn in Simpsonville, KY, What bout the Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown? Should I stop at the English Grill in the Brown Hotel in Louisville? or the OakRoom at the Seelbach Hilton ? All you Ky affictionados..give me some sound advice....all the info I get is from the internet and Bourbon Trail websites...Thanks in advance

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  1. We stopped for lunch at the Talbot and loved it. Really nice old building with some nice comfort food.

    We also ate lunch at Labrot and Graham and were somewhat disappointed. I'm sure you can do better somewhere else.

    The Whistle Stop Cafe in Glendale, Ky is really good too. Not too far off your beaten track either.


    1. We love that area of the country and visit at least every other year. If you are in Versailles (just west of Lex) stay at Rose Hill Inn B&B. One of my favorite restaurants in that area is Holly Hill Inn in Midway (for some reason Midway has the restaurants and Versailles has the B&B's). It has been a while since we were in L'ville but I remember the Oak Room as being wonderful. I hesitate to recommend any thing in Bardstown b/c it has been so long since we were there but love the town and it is a great place to center operations. I have heard that Talbott Tavern is good (it was closed b/c of fire when we visited) and there were some very good restaurants in/around Bardstown.
      Do visit the Oscar Getz Whiskey Museum when there as it is a great start for your tours.

      1. Definitely do not miss Rincon Mexicano in Bardstown. It's our favorite. We eat there at least three times a week. The food is always fresh and good. Great ambiance as well as great food. You can't go wrong!

        1. I would definitely second a recommendation for Holly Hill Inn. It's one of our favorites in the area. I wouldn't recommend Old Talbott Tavern if you're interested in the food. The English Grill and Oakroom are both great but prices are on the higher end of the scale. I guess it depends upon what you're looking for in a meal. You can go to the Brown Hotel Lobby Bar (right outside the English Grill) and have the original Hot Brown and choose from an upscale bar menu. That would be my choice because the price is much better and atmosphere casual. Also they have an extensive bourbon list and should be open most days after 4pm or so.

          Bourbons Bistro also has a great bourbon list and good food as well. There are plenty of other options depending on what type of food you like. Also, you may want to try to snag a bottle or tow of the Buffalo Trace Antique collection (Stagg, T. Handy,etc). This year's supply was just released locally a few weeks ago and may not be available in your area and won't last here for very long.