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Oct 20, 2009 04:00 AM

Hyannis- Electic or Embargo?

Two overworked teachers on a budget (one would be me) will be off-island and in Hyannis for one night. We want an interesting dinner out that won't break the bank, and something different from where we always go. So, which would you go to: Eclectic or Embargo? Or someplace else?

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  1. Eclectic is closed now for the season, so that makes it easier! If it's a Tuesday night, try Embargo. Hands down best value on the Cape with 1/2 price tapas all night. If you order before 6:00 on other nights the 1/2 price special is also in effect. They changed up the menu quite abit recently and I've been a few times. I think the quality and preperation is outstanding. The prices at 1/2 price are borderline criminal (in a good way). Some of my faves:House smoked salmon bruchetta with a cucumber ceviche, sauteed mussels, kobe beef sliders, tempura fried summer veggie skewer, lamb lolipops, fried cod tostadas, serano ham wrapped artichokes, mussels, escargot.

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      Thanks (again) CCG! Embargo sounds terrific. We'll be there on a Saturday night, and I don't even care if they don't do the half-price special!

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        Howling Zoe, we need to try Embargo..Jillian loves it..

    2. Friday night 6:30, we were in Hyannis, and decided to head over to Misaki for dinner. It was jammed, no seats available so off to Main Street and Palio Pizza. That was jammed with young families. Next stop Embargo. There were a dozen folks around the bar and three tables had diners counting us. We had Kobe Beef meat loaf with mashed potato, vegie tempura, grilled shrimp, and frites plus a bread basket, creme brule desert - $47.31 with tip, fair enough. It was obvious Embargo was a terrific place to drink with food as a side. The bar atmosphere seemed lively, friendly and efficiently attended by skilled bartenders. However, we're old fans of tapas at Gracies Table in Dennis; and, we were reminded of how much we missed the good cooking at the Table (sold recently). The frites came with a heavy layer of coarse salt which we don't like. I did realize the frites would be great if one were drinking but that's not us. I felt it was my mistake to order without asking about salt first. Excellent Kobe Beef need not be seasoned much but this was strongly seasoned and the gravy was too thick for out liking. The shrimp could not have been better. The bread was the usual fare, good but unremarkable. Noise levels were awful. One woman, on the far side of the bar, found most of what was said to her to be very funny. Her laugh was a screech, even a scream at times, and the shrill sound bounced throughout the room. Meanwhile, playing out on the seven large TV screens, was the luge run of the Georgian Olympic athlete that ended in tragedy. The music was single cord repetition. It just boomed the same brief melody over and over until I wanted to go and find a plug to pull. If we were drinkers we would definitely return. Embargo seemed to be a young diners sand box. --- FYI: A sign is up in the closed Heathers space in Mashpee. "Coming Soon Starfish Seafood Restaurant".