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Oct 20, 2009 03:03 AM

Grad school Road Trip - Springfield & Amherst & surrounding rec's

Husband and oldest are heading to see UMASS and UCONN this wknd. Staying in Springfield. Any restaurant rec's for dinner in Springfield? Lunches? They like Italian. Husband not keen on Thai or Asian. Creative cusine would be good and not too pricey (i.e. not over $25 ea. entree)

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  1. I loved A Touch of Garlic in Springfield (Forest Park section, off Sumner Avenue on White Street) back in the day, and friends tell me it is still good, fresh Italian food. I would think they have a website if you google it. I also still crave (i've since moved out of state) La Flourentina (spelling?) bakery. They are on Main Street in downtown Springfield but I'm told they have other locations now, East Longmeadow and perhaps up in the Northampton/Amherst area. I love their rum cake and fruit cake... you can buy a slice.

    We are going to be up in Northampton/Amherst area this weekend as well, visiting our daughter. She is in the mood for Italian and it was recommended to us to try Carmelina's in Hadley (which we have been to 10+ years ago and liked very well) and also Mulino's in Northampton. An additional thought, a local favorite of those in Springfield was Red Rose Pizzaria on Main Street. It was kind of old school for me, but a local favorite.

    Since we are back in the area now visiting one of our college students, would appreciate posts of places your family visited for our future reference. good luck and thanks.

    1. It took me a minute to realize this was Massachusetts you were talking about.
      You might find this interesting: