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Oct 20, 2009 12:24 AM

vegetarian/pescatarian in Alsace--recommendations?

My boyfriend and I are driving from Berlin to Alsace for a week's holiday later this month. We'll be based in Ribeauville, and we're very much in need of restaurant recommendations in the surrounding area--we don't mind a scenic drive. We're very keen on sampling the local wine and cuisine, but we have one serious limitation: neither of us eats meat (except fish and seafood). I welcome any suggestions at all, from the simple to the Michelin-starred; wineries we should stop at; lunch and dinner. Rustic is good; not remotely interested in "trendy."

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  1. Here is my recent report on Alsace:

    Each of the restaurants had a good choice of fish/seafood and vegetarian items, in addition to meat. If a prix-fixe menu has limited choices, ask if they can make a substitution. At worst, you can order a la carte.

    1. May I be allowed a non-PC question?
      Why pick that area when it's the heart of choucroute and meat-land (Colette refuses to go for just those reasons).

      John Talbott

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        Hi John--of course you are allowed, and I agree it's a bit nutty for two food lovers who don't eat meat to go to this region, which is what motivated my initial appeal. In fact, it wasn't our choice; the trip was a gift from my German boyfriend's parents, in celebration of getting his doctorate, and it is they who chose the region and hotel. Everything else is up to us. And we are very excited to go! Just a bit flummoxed, as you can understand. We do certainly love Alsatian wine, and look forward to exploring that aspect of the local gastronomy, as well as checking out some of rrems' suggestions. (A bit starved for a good meal here in Berlin, but that's another subject.) I do feel a bit lame not to be able to take a "when in Rome" approach, but when one hasn't eaten pork in over a decade, a romantic getaway isn't the time to start.

        1. re: newyorkberlin

          If you want a really special meal one of the best restaurants in France is on your doorstep the Auberge de I'ill ( near Colmar.

          They have lots of very good fish, and their signature dish used to be Pike Quenelles. It is a beautiful setting by a river, the room takes advantage of the location and it isn't stuffy. A great place for a decadent/romantic lunch.

          1. re: PhilD

            Ouch! it's been a few years since my last visit to Auberge de l'ill and I'm shocked to see current prices. Also, the menu seems to have lost its Alsatian soul. Perhaps now that Paul Haeberlin is gone, Marc Haeberlin is realizing his own, more cosmopolitan vision. However, pak choi, wasabi?! There is nothing wrong with eclectic, but Auberge is an Alsatian culinary landmark after all. Oh gotferdami, as dissatisfies Alsatians might say...

            1. re: Bigos

              I was intrigued by the menu and the evidence of innovation in the kitchen. However, there still seems to be room for the classics, and I can't imagine the innovative dishes being too wild.

              It would be great to hear an up to date report, I often feel the Auberge has got overlooked because it is so traditional (i.e. though of as boring). Maybe a bit of spice in the kitchen will elevate it's status.

              I would love to return, it is still one of my best meals, and was perfect just before Christmas juxtaposing the hustle and bustle of the christmas markets with the serenity and class of the restaurant.

          2. re: newyorkberlin

            Le bistrot des saveurs in Obernai has great vegetable options.

        2. Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions--I will report back if I make some new discoveries!