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Oct 19, 2009 11:34 PM

rehearsal dinner near Lenox, MA

I'm getting married in Lenox, MA, in November, and am looking for suggestions for where to have a small rehearsal dinner on the Friday eve before the wedding, for a group of about 12 people. It has to be early, because of kids, and I'm hoping to find a reasonably priced and cozy place that's still appropriately festive. Any ideas would be very much appreciated - we don't know the area that well. One place I looked into was Nudel, a new place in Lenox that's excellent, but they did not seem so into accommodating a group of our size. Thanks!

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  1. Are you looking for right in Lenox only or willing to drive to another town?
    How important is food quality vs being family friendly? There are some places that atmosphere-wise would be good for a crowd with a bunch of little kids but unexciting food and vice versa.

    I have not been to Nudel which is new but the place that used to be in that space was tiny, no way could a group of 12 with kids could fit in there.

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      Thanks for your reply -- very willing to drive to another town, but would prefer in the Great Barrington Stockbrige range -- ie within 20 minutes of Lenox.
      Food quality is probably more important -- there's only two kids and one is too young to count, and we'll be aiming for the earliest seating possible, 5:30 pm or so, a time when any place except a brothel is likely to be kid-friendly enough.

    2. Prime Italian Steakhouse in Lenox is well worth the visit. Food is very good, atmosphere is nice and service is professional. Prices are reasonable and the foo d is worth it. Have had dinner here many times and always has been good. On Frankin St in the center of town. Congrats!

      1. Prime is ok.
        In Lenox, you could consider Alta.
        Outside of town, maybe Rouge in West Stockbridge or for (slightly) more upscale, Chez Nous in Lee.
        They all have websites, you can see if the menu is the kind of thing you are looking for.

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          Thanks - that's helpful. I like the sound of Alta, didn't know about the steak house.
          My fiance's mom suggested Church St Cafe -- ever been there?

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            Church Street Cafe is excellent. some people complain about pricing but you get more on your plate than at other restaurants in town, so in my opinion is well worth the consideration.

        2. I just reviewed Alta and would not recommend it. How about Allium in Great Barrington.?

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            Rouge in W. Stockbridge is closer to Lenox: excellent food, kid friendly, you can probably arrange a private room......and maybe a little less expensive (many complaints about the quantity/cost of food @ Allium have been showing up on this board.)

          2. Hello - I got married in Lenox two years ago and we had our rehearsal dinner at Firefly right in town. I haven't been back there since, but it was a great spot for our rehearsal dinner. That said, we were from out of town, so we rented the whole place and invited everyone that came to our wedding, to our rehearsal dinner (which was more like a rehearsal party). It's worth checking out, though, as they were really accommodating for us, I thought the food was really good, and it's not too fancy (so kids shouldn't be a problem). Good luck!

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              Food at Firefly is definitely not a fruend I dined there with the last time said--'we might as well be eating at Friendlys." Not up to most CHers cravings, in my opinion.

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                You may want to consider Rumplestiltskin's restaurant at the Village Inn in Lenox, the food gets great reviews and the tavern downstairs is alot of fun...they usually have live music on the weekends with no cover charge.