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Oct 19, 2009 11:24 PM

Co Co Lo: Great Lunch Special in Kits (Vancouver)

Co Co Lo
2nd Floor 1926 W4th (near Burrard - close to Fuel and Maenam)
(not wheel chair friendly)

I was in Kits earlier today and had lunch at Co Co Lo - the new modern Japanese restaurant. I ordered the BBQ Mackarel combo ($9.95) and two kushi ($1.50? ea) - a chicken liver and chicken done 'shio' (salted). My friend had the Udon combo ($9.95) and a matcha ice cream pancake dessert ($4).

The food was very good. My (large) side of mackerel tasted fresh and was BBQ'd very well. The miso-based winter vegetable stew, the shrimp tempura batter (one with sesame seeds and one matcha) were also very good. The tempura batter was thin and light. The skewers were as good as any of the good ones in town (Zakkushi, Aki, etc). Excellent lunchtime deal.


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  1. Why do they put the matcha ice cream in pancakes? Are you supposed to eat that like a burger? Is it good?

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    1. re: ck1234

      There is a popular adzuki bean/sponge pancake (called "castella") sandwich snack called "dorayaki". This is the icecream version. You can buy processed versions like how we can buy icecream sandwiches at the 7/11. This is their house-made version.

      I didn't have it - my lunch companion did...but he scarfed it down and gave it two thumbs up. It must have been good.

    2. Didn't there use to be an expensive japanese restaurant at this location? Sounds like a good lunch spot if I'm in the area.

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          1. re: Sam Salmon

            I've eyed this place several times on my way to other local restos. Will now make it a point to stop in. Noted: the 10 yaki for a tenner deal on the website (at dinner I think) and also the promise of a plethora of ume (my beloved plum wine) to choose from...

            1. re: grayelf

              Their website claims that "there are hundreds of choices" for ume-shu. Impressive if true.

              1. re: fmed

                I'm assuming that is a bit of hyperbole but even half a dozen would be better than what I've found at most Japanese restos here. Some of them verge on cough medicine taste too...