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Oct 19, 2009 10:16 PM

Casa Veracruz in Oakhurst -- go for the Albondigas!

Our wanderings this weekend took us through Oakhurst (Jerry had to be in the general "neighborhood" to check out a project...). It was lunchtime, and this little Mexican place (Casa Veracruz) caught our eye. It apparently is fairly new....a small, family-owned place with just a few tables...but worth a stop if you're heading through that way (say, on the way to Yosemite....)

We sat down and were immediately greeted with menus, water, still-warm homemade chips, and better-than-average salsa fresca. (There is also a small salsa bar with several other salsa choices. the salsa verde was my favorite!) The menu has a lot of seafood items, as perhaps appropriate for a place named "Casa Veracruz" , and what little decor there is sort of has a nautical theme. But I must admit to being suspicious of seafood in Oakhurst....

Instead, the albondigas soup caught my eye. I also wanted to try the tamales, so ordered a medium soup (it comes in small, medium, and large) with a pork tamale on the side. DH had a combo plate with a chili relleno and a chicken tamale.

The tamales were good with flavorful and tender masa, but I would have preferred them without the bit of melted cheese on top (at least it wasn't "gloppy"). Next time I would specificy no cheese. DH's relleno was just ok; batter was too eggy for our taste. The rice was a little oily, and the corn tortillas definitely NOT homemade, unlike the chips.

But with soup like that, who cares? My medium bowl was a generous serving containing three large and light meatballs, chock full of white rice and redolent of Mexican oregano. The broth was light but tasty, definitely home-made, and the soup had lots of fresh-tasting carrots, cabbage, potatoes, cilantro, etc. yum!! It came with lime slices, tortillas, and rice on the side. Very nice! A large bowl would definitely fill you up and warm you up even on the coldest day....

Service was friendly and very efficient. I would definitely return.....Casa Veracruz is on Highway 41 just southwest of where it intersects with 49 in Oakhurst...

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  1. Janet, thanks for the info on Veracruz. We always just head for El Cid. Nice to know of another option.

    1. for whatever reason, many of the Mexican restaurants in this general area tend to specialize in seafood; I assume it is because of the regions of origin within Mexico of the owners. I've had some good Mexican seafood in Fresno....

      but you know I'll be heading up there to try the albondigas, and soon! sounds like a great excuse to go hiking in Wawona Saturday. Thanks for the report!