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Oct 19, 2009 08:52 PM

Group Dinner


I'm coming to New York for a conference and I'm starting to look for places to eat... but this board is so overwhelming!! I'm from Montreal, we have great food, but seemingly a lot less of it than you guys :)

I was hoping someone could help me out either with suggestions or with links to threads that might be helpful. I'm more than happy to read a lot, I just don't know where to start.

I need two places that can seat a group of about 10. We're staying in the theater district. Our price-range is between low and mid-level (upper limit is probably ~$50, although cheaper would be better, and we'd be willing to pay more if it's really amazing). I'm totally open about types of food - I'll try anything once. One person in the group doesn't like Sushi, but no limits other than that.

Can anyone help?

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  1. The first - and very important - question is:

    Is your entire group willing to get out of that neighborhood for your dinner?

    Second question:

    Sounds like a strictly sushi establishment is out, but do you have any preferences at all?

    Third question:

    What preferences might you have in terms of decor, ambiance, vibe, etc.?

    You might also remind us what types of cuisine are Montreal's fortes.

    Have a great trip!

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    1. re: Pan

      Thanks for the response!

      Some people in the group are older and probably wouldn't want to travel far, although a 10-15 minute walk would be fine for everyone. The interests of the group are pretty diverse, which is why I left is so open... I know Indian, and anywhere that's strictly seafood are out. My personal favorite it is always French food - I love restaurants that can put together simple but wonderful meat dishes. My boss is a sucker for anything Italian, Greek, or Chinese, so any of those would also make him happy.

      As for the vibe, I think cozy would be the best fit. Somewhere comfortable, not necessarily uber trendy, where we can hear each other speak.

      Montreal has a million fortes!! One of our prize restaurants is Au Pied de Cochon - an AMAZING place that specializes in organic meat, and makes sure to use absolutely every pare of the animal. If they can find a way to fit foie gras into any course, they will. There are a million great French bistros, and most of them let you bring your own wine (with no corking fee!) If you're planning a trip up here, I can give you specific names :)

      1. re: leyb

        When you say a 10-15 minute walk, it's tough from Times Square to hit the cozy vibe, low-ish price point, and group setting.

        Would you be open to grabbing cabs or would you prefer to stay in the Times Square area? If so, I will say that I always enjoy Maria Pia and they can probably do a 10 person table. Depending where exactly in Times Square you are, you can probably get to PJ Clarkes in Lincoln center in 15ish minutes by walking. It's very good for burgers, fish and chips, and other American pub-grub type things but the decor is very nice and kind of like a clubhouse style.

        1. re: leyb

          You could call Uncle Nick's and see if they can accommodate that large a group. (I think there's a good chance they could.) It's a cheap, informal taverna with good Greek food.


          There's also a good Chinese restaurant nearby, but it's Sichuan, and probably not everyone in your group wants spicy food. (FYI, it's Szechuan Gourmet on 39th between 5th and 6th. Not sure they could accommodate such a large group, anyway).

          If you're interested in Korean barbecue, Madangsui probably can't accommodate such a large group, but you could ask (their galbi and bulgogi are great and so is their banchan - complimentary side dishes); on the other hand, I've read some good reports on Don Bogam, including by Lau, a hound I really respect. Maybe they could accommodate you.

          1. re: Pan

            Try Becco on West 46th Street for the (all you can eat) three pasta special. About $24 per person. And they can accommodate large parties.

            1. re: Will4Food

              Do you really like Becco? And if so, compared to what? I haven't been there recently but was really unimpressed when I did go. (Gosh, I guess that was like 6 years ago, but have they changed much since then?)

            2. re: Pan

              I've seen groups of larger than 10 at Mandangsui. You have to call ahead though. I ditto the rec - the food is great and there is plenty of space between tables esp compared to other restaurants in K town

              1. re: windycity

                Where do they seat those large groups?