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Oct 19, 2009 06:47 PM

Restaurants open for Thanksgiving

For the first time in 30+ years, we're not going to be making Thanksgiving dinner at home. We're looking for recommendations for restaurants in the Philadelphia/Bucks/Montgomery county areas that have really good food and a really good wine list. OK Chowhounds, we're all eyes!!

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  1. The Wm. Penn Inn was our Thanksgiving retreat for many years after mom had finished with cooking. However, reservations were usually made in early September to get a reasonable seating (not noon or 7:30). Maybe not the epitome of haute cuisine but homey and familiar. You might also try Joseph Ambler Inn, Mainland Inn, The Homestead Inn (if still in operation) or else venture into Philly. Again, reservations at this point may be difficult.


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      Well, CP, the vote was tallied and the reservation was made for the Mainland Inn. The first thing my wife said after the call was, "we're not going to have any leftovers for sandwiches".

      1. re: bucksguy14

        Ah yes, your first leftoverless Thanksgiving unless, of course, you want to doggie bag some back for a Friday rerun. Cold turkey, filling and cranberry relish on white toast with mayo is my favorite.

        You're lucky to have secured a reservation at MI. I'm sure you will enjoy. Let us know.


        1. re: Chefpaulo

          I'll go along with everything about that sandwich - except the bread. Can't do white bread, no time, no how, no way. Haven't eaten white bread since my mother discovered whole wheat about 60 years ago. It's been "ABWB" anything but white bread ever since for me.

          We've been to the MI a number of times in the past, so I don't expect to be disappointed. I'll definitely file a report!

          1. re: Chefpaulo

            Have to go with the White Toast here, tried wheat, didn't do it for me.

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              When you had Bond Bread delivered to the door (in the wax paper wrapper) for your first 18 years of life, habits are hard to change. Come to think of it.......(I'd better start a new thread for that one.)


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                We had Bond bread one day, along with Abbotts milk and the next day was Friehofer's bread with Aristocrat milk (we had 7 in the family!). Loved it when it was so cold that the cream popped the top on the milk. Somewhere in there my mother discovered wheat bread and that habit has never changed!

              2. re: Chefpaulo

                My Dad got me hooked on a late nite Thanksgiving sandwich with filling, turkey, cranberry sauce or relish on a leftover pillsbury croissant roll. Mmmm perfect. Do give us a review of Thanksgiving at the Mainland Inn. I grew up in Mainland, heh.

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                  Ugh, I'm sure this is our last Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant! Three of us went to the Mainland. We had pate, shrimp cocktail and proscuitto for apps which were fine, except for the shrimp, which was overcooked. Entrees were Scallops, Turkey & Duck, all of which were good, not great. My wife had the turkey, with some leftovers to keep her happy tomorrow! The gist of the whole thing is - it wasn't home! Next year, I don't care if we have burgers & dogs on the grill, Thanksgiving will not be anywhere but home!

            2. The Fountain at the Four Seasons Hotel has a great Thanksgiving dinner. This should meet all of your qualitative standards and provide a very good wine list as well. Assuming there are any openings left, that is.

              1. My family had Thanksgiving dinner at the Valley Green Inn last year and it was very nice. The only thing we missed was leftovers.

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                  An out-of-box comment: all of Chinatown is open. What an unusual way to enjoy Thanksgiving: a reserved table for your whole party, and shared dishes

                  1. re: Bashful3

                    This year we are heading to Normandy Farm in Blue Bell. The Grand Ballroom has a buffet while Coleman is serving a 3-course Prix Fixe menu.

                    1. re: mitchh

                      We eagerly await your review. Have not been to Coleman's in six years. Way overpriced for my palate.

                      1. re: Chefpaulo


                        I would if I could, but we're going to the buffet in the Grand Ballroom.

                2. Last year and the year before I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner upstairs at The Plough & The Stars in the historic Corn Exchange Building at 2nd and Chestnut Streets.

                  Excellent free-range turkey and all the trimmings without paying an arm and a leg. Other options available as well. Don't know about the wine list, but I guess you can take a look at that.

                  They have a fireplace, seasonal decorations, warm and welcoming staff:

                  1. McCormick's and Schmidt's will be serving traditional turkey dinner as well as their regular menu featuring fresh seafood in the shadow of City Hall:

                    When I had Thanksgiving dinner from a McC & S in Virginia, the food was great and the portions generous enough for leftovers.