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Oct 19, 2009 06:44 PM

Next stop is Puerto Vallarta - Wow! I've got some time there!

Thinking about THE BEACH CLUB at LA PALAPA during the day (ship doesn't leave until late).

Dinner at Cafe des Artistes. Am I eatin' good?

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  1. La Palapa or next door at Amapas Sunset are great places to spend the day.
    I'm not a fan of Cafe des Artistes but lots of people rave. As alternatives in the same class with a view (no view at Cafe des Artistes) there is the La Palapa sister restaurant Vista Grill or the beautiful Hacienda San Angel.

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    1. re: mexivilla

      Appreciate your suggestions, mexivilla, but neither menu gave me a WOW! I'm an LA resident; to many similarities.

      Maybe I should llip to El Arrayan?

    2. Yes, La Palapa is always great, you could pop into Daquiri Dick's too.
      I adore Cafe des Artistes but also if you want a fantastic view go to El Panorama in the Siesta Suites Hotel (take a cab as the walk is gruesome, we stayed at the hotel once and walked it every day and it nearly killed us!). But the restaurant is awesome.

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      1. re: bronwen

        Thanks bronwen. I checked out El Panorama's menu in the Siests, think I stick with El Arrayan.