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Oct 19, 2009 06:44 PM

Best Cheesesteak near PHL Airport

I am from Los Angeles. Picking up my brother from PHL Airport this saturday and driving back to Toms River N.J. Family Memorial for my Dad. What is the best Cheesesteak in the area. Never had one. Only heard of Pats and another name that I forgot. Hounds kindly guide me.. Thanks

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    1. Can't go to John's Roast Pork, they are closed on Saturday. The easiest place would be Tony Luke's at Front and Oregon, right on and off I-95/76/Walt Whitman, easy to park. Other options would be George's at 9th and Christian, Cosmi's at 8th and Dickenson or Sonny's in Old City.

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        Tony Luke's is a great suggestion. Try both the roast pork w/provolone and the cheesesteak, both really great. Let us know what you think.

      2. Hopefully you think of your father fondly!

        Don't know how much time you have but I'll wholeheartedly agree with Bigley9 for George's on the SW corner of 9th & Christian at the top of the Italian Market. It's the perfect little dive and I can't believe what he turns out on the tiny griddle! I may not be the ultimate purist but I always get a cheesesteak with provolone and fried onion and a little tomato sauce.

        I'll also suggest to walk 9th Street through the Italian market (which also has a smattering of Asian and Mexican influences now) if it's a nice day you can stroll through great shops and open air vendors with cheeses, Italian specialties, pasta, spices, meats, fresh fish and veggies, etc.