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Oct 19, 2009 06:33 PM

New spicy section on 'Em's menu?

I was walking past 'Em a week or so ago and noticed a new menu in the window. There is a new section of 'authentic' spicy food on the menu. Apparently met to be more traditional Thai food and very spicy -- with a note I believe saying that you should only order the dishes if you are prepared to have them properly spiced, they won't serve them toned down.

Wow, is it possible or too good to be true on Smith St? I haven't had a chance to check out the list yet. I've always been reasonably happy with 'Em (other than my first meal there), and its pretty reliable at what it is. But considering I'm too lazy to trek to Sripr. this would be amazing.

Anyone sampled?

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  1. i'll take a look but i don't hold out high hopes--esp. considering that once when ordering pad thai we asked for some dried shrimp and they claimed that you couldn't get dried shrimp in NYC.

    1. Actually ordered a pork dish, can't remember which one, for delivery and it was impressively spicy.

      1. I've been working my way through this menu -- I've had the Bangkok minced pork (topped wth fried egg), the seafood puket and the steamed fish with spicy lime. All were pleasingly spicy and lacked the inspid sweetness that characterizes too much NY thai food. The minced pork especially will be a keeper for me. None of this food will make me forget Thailand or Queens, for that matter, but it is definitely a cut above anything I've hd from neighborhood Thai to date, and I hope they continue and even expand the experiment.

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          that's good to hear. Guess I won't veto it next time my friends suggest ordering from Em.