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Oct 19, 2009 05:44 PM

2009 kosherfest winners

•Best In Show – Luck Chen Asian Noodles in 5 flavors(NYC, NY)
•Best Baked Good, Bread, Grain or Cereal – Sarah’s Tent Potato Borekas (Deal, NJ)
•Best Beverage – True Toniq DBA Brain Toniq, Brain Toniq (Longmont, CO)
•Best Cheese or Dairy – Get Healthy America Lasagna Florentine (Plainview, NY)
•Best Dessert, Candy, Cookie or Cracker – Illinois Nut & Candy Smooth & Crunchy Peanut Butter Bark (Skokie, IL)
•Best Food Service Product – Custom Candy Concepts, Inc, Picture Cookies (Ellijay, GA)
•Best Packaging/Design – True Toniq DBA Brain Toniq, 4-pack Brain Toniq (Longmont, CO)
•Best Kosher Organic – Quality Frozen Foods Organic Batter Blaster (Brooklyn, NY)
•Best Snack Food – Osem USA, Inc. Bamba Peanut Snack w/ Hazelnut Cream Filling (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)
•Best Fine Food from Israel – Blue & White Foods LLC Falafel with Tehina Filling (Long Island City, NY)
•Best Giftware/Novelty – Kosherkeepers® by Plastic Packaging Corp Food Kosherkeepers® Food Storage Containers (W. Springfield, MA)
•Best Jam, Preserve or Spread – Oxygen Imports Mixed Berry Blast (Rahway, NJ)
•Best Meat, Poultry or Seafood – Kosher Valley Chicken Breast Cutlets (Plainville, NY)
•Best Wine, Beer or Spirit – The Natural Group/Kedem Elvi Sintonia Sangria (Bayonne, NJ)
•Best Savory Condiment, Spice, Sauce, Oil, Vinegar or Dressing – Streit’s Matzos Asian Mel’s Gourmet sauce Line (NYC, NY)
•Best Passover Product – Zelda’s Sweet Shoppe Zelda’s Orange Chiffon Cake (Chicago, IL)
•Best Health & Wellness – Green Rabbit, LLC MIMICCREME Coffee Creamer (Albany, NY)
•Best Pasta, Rice, Bean or Soup – Luck Chen Asian Noodles (5 flavors) (NYC, NY)

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  1. im disapointed by the luck chen winning, their packaging is lame and the product itself has much to be desired i felt it was almost greasy.
    on a side note where are all the chowhounders meeting up at koshefest huh?

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    1. re: cwsilverberg

      i don't really think these awards mean that much when products like Organic Batter Blaster (which won for Best Kosher Organic ) win when it has been around since 2007. the rules say "Only new products introduced to the kosher market in the prior 14 months to Kosherfest (since August 2008) are eligible." what does kosher market mean? does it mean pomegranate, glatt mart and other kosher stores or kosher supervision? several years ago sushi rolls won even though I saw it a year earlier at the fancy food show

      1. re: koshergourmetmart

        frozen sushi rolls which i would never dare try, and i only saw them briefly in my local kosher supermarket. I never understood the marketing appeal of such an item. The luck chen stuff however if it was on a comparable level to anything trader joes sells (I.E. their pre-made noodle looking things. of which i have never tried) i would buy in an instant.
        On another note trader Joes now has these relabeled microwavable brown rice bowls with a star k which are fantastic.
        and are available under their original label at Costco.

          1. re: koshergourmetmart

            Saw the rice bowls at Costco only came as unflavored, just to note...all it is, is a bowl of brown rice, procooked that can be ready in 90 second in the Micro.

            In the end I passed on it.

            1. re: vallevin

              Totally understand why you passed on it, but as a convinience food micro brown rice is pretty good. I haven't seen the bowl type, but I've purchased the Steamfresh (Birdseye) brand to keep in the freezer 'just in case.'

              1. re: vallevin

                Is it shelf stable or does it require a fridge/freezer? I've been looking for kosher shelf stable microwavable rice to keep in the office for quick lunches when I don't have time to go out.

                1. re: avitrek

                  shelf stable I buy them and leave them in my desk at work, have a bottle of good soy sauce in the other drawer.

              2. re: koshergourmetmart

                only the plain brown rice bowls are kosher

                1. re: cwsilverberg

                  I am addicted to those Costco rice bowls! They are great after working the whole day when you don't have 50 minutes to cook a pot of brown rice. The rice seems to be of the short grain variety. It's really delicious with just a little Spike seasoning on top.
                  One odd thing I will point out though- since I am on Weight Watchers I weigh all my food to the gram. The rice bowl claims to weigh 210 grams but I have found some variations between bowls.
                  Also, I have not seen the rice in Trader Joe's in Hewlett yet. Wonder whether they are cheaper there (Costco is over $6 for 6 bowls)

                  1. re: cwsilverberg

                    i believe there are several more varieties that are due out on these rice bowls.i've been offered the line to distribute and they are working on seasoned bowls also

                2. re: cwsilverberg

                  as new yorkers{or tri state residents} we are spoiled to have kosher sushi bars at a stone's throw and fresh sushi being made in our local grocerys. leave new york and n.j. and it is a totally different story. i had a small cafe in connecticut have interest in the sushi as there was nothing available to them in their town.the kosher was so limited that the townspeople actually coordinated to have the kosher cafe set up so they wouold have someplace kosher to go out to.
                  p.s. the frozen sushi is not horrible tasting and my kids are more than happy to have sushi to grab out of the freezer at a moments' notice

                  1. re: gleibler

                    I dont live in new york either and i appreciate other foods besides for sushi.

                3. re: koshergourmetmart

                  according to batter blaster their product has only been kosher certified for the last 6 months so while it was always organic and dairy free it wasn't kosher certified

              3. Kosherblog has arranged a social media meet-up next Tuesday, October 27, 2:00pm, at Kosherfest Im looking forward to meeting most of us who shmooze on this board and are going to be there.

                1. I think it is *very* cool that Brain Toniq won in two of the categories. Great recognition for a truly revolutionary drink. We've become fans of it here in New York since it started selling at Westerly's. For those that need to focus, but without all the caffeine, it's the kosher drink of choice. We run through a case a week here at the office.

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                  1. re: kosherpine

                    Is that perhaps because you guys produce Brain Toniq?