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Oct 19, 2009 05:05 PM

Buying Fish In or Around New Canaan

Are there any recommendations for the best places to buy fresh fish or seafood in Fairfileld County, particularly around New Canaan? I've been following some postings that list Greenwich Produce as the best for produce in the area (I used to frequent the one in GCT) and Scott's Corner Market for meat, but any further recommendations would also be appreciated.


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  1. New Wave Seafood in Stamford is probably the closest & has a nice selection.
    Off exit 36 of Merritt.

    However, IMHO, the best in the area is Fjord Fisheries with locations in both Westport & Greenwich.

    1. In the little mall next to Cherry Street East, there is a place in the back part called Fish Tales. Very good selection, mostly organic, but a little pricey.

      As Amanda states and Jfood agrees, heading down 106 and make a right on Camp Street (Springdale Nursery on the corner) in Stamford (across from the Post Office) is New Wave Seafood. If you want something that is not in the display, just ask. They are a big supplier in the area

      If you are going north then Jfood recommends going to Scotts Corner Market. It appears you know the way. They buy their fish from New Wave.

      They do sell fish at The Food Emporium, but it rarely looks fresh. Walter Stewarts has fish as well but no fish department (not a good sign).

      Jfood was at a dinner with friends who bought salmon in Westport at Whole Foods. Jfood thought the fish was outstanding.

      Hope this helps.

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      1. re: jfood

        WF has a nice, but smallish selection. Other ideas are Stews in Norwalk and the newly opened Fresh Market in Westport is said to have a nice selection though I have not been.

        1. re: amanda3571

          Fjord Fisheries in Cos Cob is excellent.

          1. re: stevel

            Have you tried the marlin dip yet?

          2. re: amanda3571

            It looked like a decent quality at Fresh Market, but they didn't have nearly the selection of Fjord in Westport where I normally shop. And they don't carry live lobsters. I love Fjord - sometimes I have issues with them not removing the pin bones, which is annoying if you don't catch it until you are about to cook the fish, but they have so many interesting choices on a regular basis. And yes, the marlin dip is great - except I always feel that we shouldn't be eating it because of all the mercury in it....

            1. re: sibeats

              The one and only place to buy fresh fish in Fairfield County is Bon Ton in Greenwich. Just walk in and look at the fish and TAKE A DEEP smell nothing.....thats what a fish mongers store should smell like. Not like bleach (whole foods) not like rotting fish (stews)

              I walked into Fjord in Westport recently and they had whole black sea bass on the ice.....the fish was not gutted. Any time you catch a fish, the first thing you do is gut, rinse and ice it down.....the fish was bloating form the the lack of proper care. When I inquired about the lack of gutting I was told,
              "thats the way we do it here mister" . I went home and had a big salad for dinner.

              I know Greenwich may be a bit out of the way for some, and Bon Ton is expensive, but great product is not cheap.

              If in the area, check them out.

          3. re: jfood

            Great, I saw fish tales, but haven't been in yet. I will try that first due to proximity. But it sounds like new wave might be the best way to go for me. I have a newborn so any longer trips can be unpredictable. Looking forward to trying them.

            1. re: cristenv

              I really like Superior Seafood in Westport across from Arby's. Most of the fish is very fresh and nice most of the time. Amanda, have you been, and how does it compare to Fjord?

              1. re: shark_attack

                I've been to Superior and it doesn' t compare at all to Fjord. They have the same variety as most of the other places around, but not close to what Fjord has. The quality was decent, better than Balducci's.

                1. re: sibeats

                  I'll give Fjord a try or 3. Thank you.

          4. We have fish at least three times a week and I would second the vote for Scott's Corner Market. I didn't realize they were supplied by New Wave, which would have been my next closest choice. If you are ever in Darien, the tuna at Palmer's Market is amazing. A little more money, but truly worth it. You can really taste the difference.

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            1. re: chocolatezealot

              I drive to Greenwich to Bon Ton for most fish, other than salmon. Salmon, I think, is fresh and great from Scotts Corners.

              For meat, I'm a grass fed girl -- so I buy Wolfe's Neck Farm from Walter Stewart's!


              1. re: allieb2031

                Have you tried the beef at Scotts? If yes, how does it compare to Walter Stewarts?

                1. re: jfood

                  Don't forget Pagano's too. They are also a big supplier in the area. That said, I have become a big fan of New Wave. It's not far from New Canaan and I think they have decent prices. I also love the self-serve area where you can really see the product and choose your own.

                  142 Water St, Norwalk, CT 06854

                  1. re: lillydaisy

                    Jfood has not heard the best from some of his friends on Paganos.

                    And you are absolutely correct on the self-serve at NW. Grab a Bronzini and a snapper and grill with some fresh herbs from the garden. Oh jfood wants summer already.

                    142 Water St, Norwalk, CT 06854

                  2. re: jfood

                    No, never tried the beef at Scotts. I used to buy Coleman, but they changed hands/it's not the same. I try and buy only grass-fed beef, and Stewarts has Wolfe's Neck Farm...haven't checked what Scotts carries!


              2. I used to be a fan of New Wave until I brought home some tuna that was absolutely rancid. I took it back immediately (didn't even take it out of the bag; the smell was overwhelming when I opened it - about 10 minutes after I purchased it), they opened the bag and immediately gave me a refund. I've never been back since and, after that experience, don't think I could ever go back since they would even sell fish of that "quality".

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