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Oct 19, 2009 04:43 PM

20 Water St restaurant & Warehouse Tavern, East Greenwich, RI

Just moved into the area and I discovered this place. Any thoughts before I go in and try it?

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  1. I would suggest that you visit Sienna in EG (Benny's Plaza). 20 Wtaer street is more of a nightlife, drinking spot than a fine dining experience. Sienna is on Post road about 2-3 miles south...

    1. Dont waste your time was told its just a drinking place food is terrible

      1. I agree about Sienna, too. After a few bad experiences at Water Street, last one being last summer when there were on two other tables, and I inquired (there were three of us, and, we all ordered the lobster salad plates) after 30 minutes about the order and was told that the kitchen was backed up, we made that the last time.

        1. Another vote for don't waste your time. Siena is excellent, and I also like 1149 at the intersection of 95 that Route 1? Downtown try Cafe Fresco.

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            Cafe Fresco, also, is really good. I live in The Berkshires, and, my family is in Rhode Island. My Mother lives in East Greenwich, so, often we frequent restaurants locally when we do not feel like going to TheHill. Last Saturday, my Mother and I had dinner at Fresco, and, as always, had a really good experience. I would recommend it. Also, we like 1149.

          2. 20 Water St has been there FOREVER, I am shocked they are still around. East Greenwich has gotten much better lately with restaurants. Siena is very nice and popular.

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            1. re: Alica

              There's nothing shocking about it, when you think of the markup on summer, people want to drink & listen to music by the water.

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                Jane is right, it's a very nice place to have a drink on a warm July or August evening.

                1. re: Gin n Tonic

                  That all makes sense! I still have not heard anything about it as a restaurant in years! okay, a few questions.... Table 28, where is it at, good, open? I have heard that a very good restaurant from New York is opening in E. Greenwich. Has anyone else heard anything?