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Oct 19, 2009 03:00 PM

Chicken Wing Brine HELP!

I was planning on grilling some chicken wings tonight, and I have had them in a brine since this afternoon. But something has come up and I won't be grilling tonight.

What should I do? I know I can't leave the wings in the brine until tommorrow (too much water and salt ) - but if I drain them now will I lose all the benefits of the brine by the time I grill tommorrow?

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appretiated!

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  1. I think they'll be totally fine if you drain them tonight. The meat has no doubt already absorbed some of the salt and any spices you added.

    1. Removing the wings from brine this evening will still return the moist goodness you expect with a bonus. Rinse and place wings on drying rack (a cooling grid dropped in a sheet pan). Let the wings dry in the fridge overnight. Skin will be fabulously crisp after grilling.

      I use this overnight drying method for all of my poultry brining; whether grilling or smoking, I have been in crisp skin heaven since.

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      1. re: powderhound

        Thanks for the help both of you.

        I'm draining, and wil be drying in the fridge - let you know how they turned out tommorrow night.

        Thanks again

        1. re: powderhound

          Yes, I actually prefer the drying time. Keeps the skin from being flabby.

        2. So I drained the wings and air-dried them in the fridge. I grilled them over charcoal and then sauced them up. They turned out not to shabby - thanks for the tips!

          See more photos: