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Oct 19, 2009 02:42 PM

Sunday lunch near GMU

Looking for a place to eat lunch before a Sunday afternoon concert at George Mason U in Fairfax. Driving out that way, one sees only the usual tired, dull suburban chain restaurants, but I have faith that even in deepest Fairfax county there are probably good places to eat and if such exist, Chowhounds will know where they are.

My group is more drawn to Asian, eastern Mediterranean or similar fare than the usual Sunday brunch, but are open to any suggestion where good grub can be had.

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  1. Try Best of Thai. It's pretty close to the school. 4004 University Dr, Fairfax, VA

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      Second Best of Thai. The Indian restaurant next door, I think it's called Bombay Garden, is also very good.

    2. If you like Indian, there is a place on Lee Highway, not too far from GMU, called Minerva. When I've been there, there have been lots of Indian folks eating there, which suggests it might be pretty authentic. You can find reviews online. Their website is:

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          I have to disagree... One of the best Italian meals I've ever had was at Villa Mozart, and they're in old town Fairfax. The risotto was to die for.