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Oct 19, 2009 02:02 PM

Union Bar and Grille - Any recommendations?

I'm looking to go to the Union Bar and Grille in the South End this weekend for dinner. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what to order?

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  1. I think the quality across that menu is very consistent: it's kind of hard to go wrong, though you shouldn't expect to be dazzled by creativity. I have a few favorites and a dish or two I don't love as much. Yes to apps of short ribs, mussels, calamari, and risotto; entrees of trout, haddock, chicken and lamb chops. I'm not such a fan of the famed 10K tuna entree. They offer a lovely cheese tasting which I often do instead of dessert, a nice assortment in small portions, well-paired with sweet accompaniments. Service is generally top-notch, a bunch of polished pros. Wine list is a bit less American-centric than it once once, which is a good thing. Bartending has been more solid and consistent of late. You should have a great time!

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      What he said. And make sure to try the skillet bread, which they serve to each table. Also, if you want more casual dishes, both the burger and the reuben are very good.

    2. Agree, thumbs up on the skillet bread, short ribs, mussels, and the risotto (despite it being made with spring peas when it's (ahem) no longer spring). Lamb chops are very good, but pork preparation is uneven. Service was slow when I was there on a Monday night, but tolerable.

      1. I think most things on the menu are very good. Some favorites are the mussels, tuna tartare, duck entree, chicken entree, bread pudding and banana cream pie. I always love going to this restaurant. The food and service both are fabulous! Have fun.

        1. if they have the risotto with chorizo and corn, order it. I crave that dish....

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            I went on Wednesday night and the cornbread/chorizo stuffed trout was off the menu. Instead I had the pancetta wrapped cod with white beans and drizzled with pumpkin soup. It was just okay. DC had the hanger steak, which is always good. Apps were tuna tartare - excellent, and squash bisque, which was very good. Service was excellent and the cocktails were spot on. The menu is seafood heavy - four fish entrees. The aforementioned cod, a seared salmon with lentils (I had it about six months ago and loved it), a baked haddock dish and a fourth, which I can't recall. Anyway, as MC Slim JB indicated, they are consistent and you probably won't find a disappointing dish (although the pancetta wrapped cod did not live up to my expectations). Enjoy the skillet bread.