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Oct 19, 2009 01:09 PM

Commerce for Dinner on Sat night - Review

Had a 9PMm reservation on Sat night. What a great little street this place is on. Such a suburb feeling. We waited untill 9:45 to be seated and spent the 45 min waiting in a very crowded bar area. This is not how I wanted to start my night and was not in a good mood when we finally sat down. Thanksfully the waitress was very friendly and put us all at ease. We started with the Hamaci Cerviche and the Pumpkin Totellini. The Hamachi was outstanding. Nice size portion with great flavors some of the best cerviche I have ever had. The pumpkin totilini were also excellent with a delicious sweet flavor to the pumpkin filling.For entrees 2 of us had the Crispy Braised Lamb. This was not what I expected. It seems they brasied the lamb, pulled it all from the bone molded it into a square and pan fried it to make it crispy. Now when it was served I was not thrilled. I was really hoping for a braised lamb shank type dish. However, this was a great preparation. The lamb was the consistency of pulled pork and the outside was nice and crispy. It had really great lamb flavor. The other 2 dishes were the pork shnitzel and the short ribs. Both dishes were very well revceived and I owuld have been happy with either. For dessert we have some chocolate "birthday" cake which was a special not on the menu.
All in all this was a great dining experience dispite the 45 min wait for the table. I would definitely go back again. The porterhouse for 2 and the berkshire prok chops for 2 looked awesome when they passed by.

50 Commerce Street, New York, NY 10014

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  1. Great report! I also hear that Commerce has the most incredible bread basket. I've only been for brunch, which I found to be delicious. Looking forward to giving dinner a shot! Thanks.

    1. I went for dinner on Friday. We too had a great server. She was wonderful and the food was very good. We were so disappointed in the wine though. We went there in part for great wine. The wine was SO COLD. It was almost ridiculous. We told the Sommelier and he was really clueless. A great establishment like that should have a very good Sommelier. That being said, he came back like 30 minutes later (the wine was still so cold-even in our glasses) and poured into a decanter. No help, as the decanter was freezing cold on its own, did he not have a wine brain or brain at that. All in all, we drank the cold wine and were so disappointed (was an expensive bottle too-not that it makes a difference).

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        You talked about the wine and server. Any comments on the food? that is the reason you went to dinner right?

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          I went to dinner there for wine, food and atmosphere. I said the food was good.