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Oct 19, 2009 01:04 PM

New St. Francis Hotel in Santa Fe

We went for lunch to Tabla in the newly renovated and beautifully done St. Francis Hotel in Santa Fe on Saturday. The lunch menu favors northern NM influences with the chef's own twist. I had chili relleno that had no cheese. Stuffed with an almost ground mushroom filling and accompanied by a brown gravy. Very deconstructed and good. Only complaint was that it wasn't very hot. Husband had a green chili sausage burrito (quite large) with a frijole/corn mixture. He said it was very good. Not too pricey--about $30-35 for both of us. Excellent service.

It's a great people watching place on the corner of Water and Galisteo (I think it's Galisteo) just across from Cafe Pasqual's. It was amazing to see the line of tourists angling to get into Pasqual's. Altho the chef is highly touted for her efforts to present local and organic foods, come on people, all the restaurants are doing that now if they want to compete, as does Tabla. They even cite on the menu the name of the family who grows the ingredients or provides grass fed meats.

I ate at Pasqual's last time about 10 years ago. Hueveros were good, but I haven't been back since. Travelchannel and Rachel Ray, please do your homework and check out some of the other wonderful places in Santa Fe.

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  1. Plenty of locals won't step foot in the "new Hotel St. Francis" after the reaming the new management team took in the paper. They came on board and immediately fired a bunch of old-timers in an effort to save money. Not the best first impression. Santa Feans have long memories.

    Always enjoyed the bar there. The restaurant space has been outsourced and thus has been a revolving door of mediocrity for over 5 years. It'll be interesting to watch if this latest incarnation is a success.