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Oct 19, 2009 01:02 PM

Portsmouth, NH, Area Kid-Friendly Dinner Options

We are a group of eight, six adults and two kids (ages 7 and 4), who are looking for birthday dinner suggestions in Portsmouth, or towns nearby. We're pretty flexible with cuisines, but do require a full bar.

Places I've been to in Portsmouth are:
Friendly Toast


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  1. I like Petey's out in Rye. I think they have a full bar, I've only had beer there, but I think I remember seeing a drink menu.

    1. Flatbreads is a great option with kids. Fun for the whole family. A couple of new ones that I like are the Common Man and Ri-Ra. Both are small chains, but both have good food, reasonable prices, and are kid-friendly. Ri-Ra is an Irish pub in an old bank. If you don't eat there, I think it's worth going to for a drink just to check out the building. The new owners did a great job of restoring it. Old vault (that you can sit in), beautiful old backbar from Ireland, etc.

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        Where is Ri-Ra? Sounds like a place worth checking out when we're in Portsmouth!