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Oct 19, 2009 12:59 PM

Unique, Local, interesting eats in or near Bel Air, MD?

Going to be in Bel Air looking for meal possibilities for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a Friday and Saturday soon.

My wife and I are both big time foodies and like to explore local places with quality food prepared with love and care. We eat everthing.

Looking for local flair and flavor.....

2 Caveats on this trip are:

1) keep it cheap to mid priced

2) We will have a 70 year old aunt and an 80 year old great aunt possibly joining us for some meals. we night be bringing them to restaurants or bringing take out back to them.

Any thoughts? What does the Bel Air area offer that we should not miss?


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  1. Bel Air is tough, there are mostly chain restaurants. Hidden are a few gems, below.

    Sizzling Bombay - Good Indian, the only game in town.

    Pairings Bistro - this is probably the most interesting option, but it can get a little expensive.

    Carried Away - this place is only open for breakfast & lunch

    There are menus on here for Fiesta Grill and Clarence's, really like both

    Also, Savona on Main St. in Bel Air. Couldn't find a website, but this place is a must. Great sandwiches and Italian meats/cheeses/wines. Excellent.

    Good Luck!

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    1. Whenever I'm passing through the area, I love to stop at Broom's Bloom Dairy for lunch and their phenomenal ice cream. This place will definately fit the cheap end of the spectrum, and I really can't say enough about their ice cream, it's very, very good. On the food side, I really liked their cream of crab soup as well.

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        I was near Bel Air for dog training today and stopped at Broom's Bloom thanks to your post, Jason1. Definitely worth a stop. I like their philosophy, I'm very into supporting local farmers. It doesn't hurt that their food (esp ice cream) are very good!!! I got some cheese and other things to bring home as well.

      2. Live and work in Bel Air, and must agree with most everything so far. Another Bfast option is Open Doors. Looney's is good for a beer and mussels. Box Hill pizzeria has the self-proclaimed best crab cake, and while good, you can get just as good at Bontempo Bro for less.