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Oct 19, 2009 12:58 PM

China village last night

Last night we went to China Village with my in laws from back east. It was amazing. We ate quite a number of delicious vegetarian dishes and it struck me that this would be a good place for vegetarians. Here is what we ate:

Cucumber with spicy garlic sauce: refreshing and tasty

Charred Green beans: excellent

Stirfried pea shoots: excellent

Ma-po Tofu: excellent. The creaminess of the tofu was a great combination with the spiciness of the sauce.

Rice cake with pork: excellent

Village prawns: addicting

Tea smoked duck with spicy chilies: excellent. It was impossible to stop eating this dish.

China Village
1335 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706

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    1. Next time try the Wok charred cabbage. As simple as it sounds, this sublime dish was universally feted at the last monster Chowdown we had there (I believe we were close to 50 people that day for lunch and we ordered nearly every dish off the menu that I ever wanted to try and many that I had completely over looked. Oh and of course the West lake style fish soup is always wonderful there.

      Here are some pix from that

      à santé,

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        Ditto the cabbage - it's sublimely good. I hosted a work dinner with a bunch of skeptical colleagues at CV last week (Panda Express is more their speed) and the place was pretty close to a universal hit. I would say the cabbage, along with the spicy pork shoulder, were the biggest winners for the group.