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Oct 19, 2009 11:58 AM

Suggestions for crème brûlée?

Any great ones out there, either from a pastry shop or a restaurant? I want the classic version with a fantastic crackle when you break into it with your spoon. I don't like variations with chocolate or any other weird combinations.

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  1. I really would recommend Maestro Svp..although it was a few years ago I will never forget the sweet tart treat...the coulis it came with was divine, it had a really nice sweet tangy balance. The crackle you seek was there too!

    1. The creme brulee at Holder is actually pretty good. Nice, smooth custard with flecks of vanilla bean smoothered beneath a perfectly crackling caramel.

      1. I always liked the Creme Brulee at le Paris Beurre on Van Horne in Outremont. It is a classic, with a nice crunchy top and a smooth rich custard creme. Very good.
        The rest of their menu is very typical French bistro style. Good quality for the price. Not over the top....

        1. Le P'tit Plateau's is first rate, though as someone who savours the cream as much as the sugary crust, I actually preferred it before they made the switch to shallower, broader dishes.

          1. I had an exquisite crème brûlée trio at L’Inconnu. Three ramequins. The first with fresh vanilla. The second with white chocolate, but it didn’t have the usual greasy flavor of white chocolate. It actually tasted like milk chocolate. Pretty good. And the last crème brûlée with rosemary. The softness of the crème was first in the mouth. At the end of my mouthful was the conifer flavor.

            3807 St Andre, Montreal, QC H2L3V9, CA