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Oct 19, 2009 11:31 AM

Bat Mitzvah - Long Island and Israel

Will be making 2 parties for my daughter next winter. We will be in Israel and would like to hear recommendations of restaurants in Jerusalem that have a party room or another type of facility where we can bring a caterer. It will be very small - probably 50 people tops. Caterer recommendations would be great as well.

We are also making a party in the US. Looking for a reasonably priced place in Nassau County or perhaps Queens that could comfortably hold about 150 seated people and there would be plenty of room for dancing. This will be a very simple affair (especially after our trip to Israel) and I think it would be better to find a place that doesn't have an exclusive caterer since those tend to be pricier. I went to an affair at Lake Success Jewish Center and the place was lovely but would be too small for our guests. I am also looking for reasonably priced caterers and would seriously consider a party where the relatives and friends of my daughter would be fed a simple lunch and our friends come later for dessert.

With both parties we would need a caterer with a sterling reputation in areas of Orthodox Kosher supervision.


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  1. For a simpler affair you may want to talk to Crown Royale Caterers (Myron Gurell) at Rockwood Park Jewish Center. We used Myron at another location and found him to be reasonable and good to work with. In general, while shopping for wedding venues, we found that places that did not have exclusive caterers were actually more expensive but perhaps it is different for what you are looking for.

    1. I recently attended an affair at Shulchan David In Jerusalem. It is near Zion Gate. It was a beautiful affair. Presented beautifully and tasty too. They have an indoor and outdoor area. I understand from the host that the cost was very reasonable. The person they worked with was Dani (female).

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        I have quite a few friends who went to simchas at Shulchan David but when I looked up info on them I saw that they need a minimum of about 80-100 people. I saw online "Between the Arches", but don't know anyone who has been there. Would be willing to have this outside of Jerusalem as well (but not too far) since it will probably be a weekday (Friday?) morning and people can drive there. Someone told me that they went to a simcha at Mini Israel. That sounds like fun...I would love to hear more suggestions. I think I can figure out the US portion of my query better than the Israel part.

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          sI96- what did you end up doing for your daughter's Bat Mitzvah in Israel? i am interested in doing something similar in Israel and wonder how it went. Any advice would be appreciated!

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            Will G-d willing take place this January. Booked the Ou Center in Jerusalem and will use their in-house caterer (Schockettino Catering - Chaim Schockett). I will be back in the US after 1/30. You can ask me then how it went. Good luck with your party.

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              thanks sI- I will look out for your review. I will post a new thread looking for
              suggestions as well. I''m thinking more along the lines of a restaurant in Israel that could host a simcha , for about 70-80 guests.

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                Its not technically a restaurant - but there are various rooms in the OU Center and there is definitely a room that can handle that size group. I saw from your thread that you prefer something closer to Tel Aviv. I didn't look so much in that area - but the restaurants in Jerusalem tended to be small and in the Old City there are a lot of stairs which didn't work for us. The one place I considered but didn't look too far into was that there is a restaurant at Mini Israel. i thought that was an interesting venue and it is close to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Someone I know had a simcha there and had an good experience.

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                  Hi -

                  We had a great experience at the OU Center. Chaim was very easy to deal with. The food was fresh and plentiful. We had less than 40 people in a nice sized room. Not sure if it would work for 80 people, unless you don't need room for dancing.
                  Its also a great location, with street parking around the corner. We were staying a couple of blocks away and I find it easier for most people to navigate around Rehavia vs. the Old City.

                  Good Luck....

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                if you are looking to have a party for 70 to 80 people, you may consider the Prima Kings. Two years ago I made a brunch there after my son's Hanachat Tefilin and it worked great. they have either dairy or meat (we made it dairy) and it had the highest hashgacha you can find in Jerusalem (my sister is Chabad and she approved of it).
                my wife made all the arrangements via e-mail and phone and we showed up the day before the party just to meet the people in charge.

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                  Thank you for the advice!
                  we will probably stick closer to Jerusalem after all, so these suggestions are very helpful.

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                    Take a look at the Mt. Zion Hotel. It is deceptive form the street side. the back cascades down the walls of the valley in a series of terraces spilling over with bougainvillea. You can have the meal in a dining room or an outdoor terrace, either way you get spectacular views of the Old City. They do simchas this size very well.

          2. We attended a wedding this past October at a beautiful Kibbutz just outside Rishon Letzion. The place was lovely and the food great. My understanding strictly kosher. If you are interested in something like that I can get the name.