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Oct 19, 2009 11:23 AM

Good Jewish Deli in Mercer County area?

Or a venue that serves decent corned beef or pastrami sandwiches?

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  1. I don’t know if it’s kosher or even Jewish, but Ben’s deli on Bridge St. in Morrisville, PA always had good corned beef and pastrami among other things.

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    1. re: TomDel

      Thanks, I know where that is--I'll give it a try. There's really no Katz's-type (nyc) delis in this area!

      1. re: gbean

        Right you are, when we want our fix we drive 45 minutes to Harold's in the Raritan Center.

        1. re: BeeZee

          Unfortunately I can't seem to convince others that it's worth a 45 min drive....they don't seem to get it!

          1. re: BeeZee

            Even better than Harold's (considerably better according to most, and less expensive) is Jack Cooper's, about a mile and a half away from Harold's.

            But really, either one of these places is definitely worth a 45 minute drive. I suggest Shanghai-ing them into the trip, by force if necessary...they will probably become converts after a good, real deli meal.

            1. re: The Professor

              Back in my working days we would have Jack Cooper's ship deli in to our office in southern California. The meats and sides were all very satisfying, a bunch of Sloppy Joe's never did well on an overnight shipment, though. If I were in the area, though, I wouldn't hesitate to visit Jack Cooper's for a deli fix.

      2. The closest deli (Kosher and 'Jewish') would be Lox Stock and Deli which is on Ryders Ln in East Brunswick. That is a bit of a drive. They make good corned beef and pastrami.

        There is a deli counter in ShopRite for take out (also kosher) and Whole Foods does a good job as well (neither kosher nor 'jewish'). Both are take out.

        Somthing else to consider is A&G Italian deli in Plainsboro Town Center. Not a jewish deli, and for sure not kosher or even kosher style. But they make great sandwhiches.

        Folks here have commented on Harolds. Indeed it is good and worth a trip at some point. As for Jack Coopers, we went there recently and while it was good at one time. That time is long gone.

          1. re: LEOFONT

            oy...I learned that the hard way a few weeks ago when I drove there to find the windows papered over.
            Very depressing. Even with the ownership changes they had undergone in recent years, it was still a decent place and not overpriced. Looks like Harold$ Deli is the only option now in the Edison area.
            So sad.