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Oct 19, 2009 11:16 AM

Kosher vietnamese

Hey there,

My fiance and I are having our wedding caterered by Good Girl Dinette (awesome) and we're having an amazing vietnamese noodle bar with turmeric fried pacific snapper and these fantastic spicy eggplant rolls and vietnamese mushroom tartines. I'm very excited.

Diep's been amazing about understanding my family's requirements (I grew up sort of conservadox jewish - we kept kosher but would eat out vegetarian / fish. Not very strict, but still restrictions) so she found a fish with scales and everything else is vegetarian. Like I said, I'm very excited.

But we have some guests who are coming who are very orthodox and keep strictly kosher. Hence my question: does anyone know a kosher (certified) vietnamese restaurant in Los Angeles that we could get take out from? Is it to much to ask for a kosher vietnamese place that's good, too?

If not we'll get them meals elsewhere, but if we could all eat vietnamese I'd be tickled.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Have you checked in with the Kosher board? I wonder how Vinh Loi and it's 100% vegan Vietnamese food stacks up with Kosher dietary law?

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    1. re: Servorg

      If it's not certified Kosher, your orthodox guests probably won't eat it.

      I was in LA recently, and didn't see or hear of any kosher Vietnamese places. Maybe one of the kosher Chinese or Japanese places can make you something Vietnamese inspired. I know it's not the same.. but it's probably as good as you'll get.

      Definitely ask on the Kosher board though- someone might know of something new.

    2. There is definitely none in LA, and I doubt any in the world outside maybe Israel.

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      1. BS''D

        Unfortunately I don't know of anyplace with hashgacha. There are places that serve so-called "vegan" food (though the provenance of some of the ingredients would probably cause any eventual hashgacha to be dairy), but none of the ones I can think of have hashgacha.

        I'm OC-based -- most of the Vietnamese food in the area is down here -- so it was in OC that I looked. The list of places on the OC Hillel site is shockingly short: -- to have three places in a county of three million people is stunning.

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        1. Although there is no kosher Veitnamese restaurant I have found a hallel one in Fullerton. The dietary laws a similar.

          Phở Ellie
          765 South State College Boulevard, Suite B, Fullerton, CA 92831-5116

          It couldn't hurt.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. The kosher ghetto table at events always makes me sad. That being said, you might try Got Kosher on Olympic. They seem to be trying to do more interesting and flavorful food and might be willing to give it a shot. As others have said, if it ain't real it won't get eaten.