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Oct 19, 2009 10:38 AM

Homey/Family Restaurant for After Funeral

I haven't lived in DC for several years and a friend asked me for suggestions for a local restaurant, DC or No. VA. She hasn't lived in DC in over 20 years. Her mother-in-law is expected to pass away soon and she is trying to get plans underway for a gathering after the funeral (Arlington Cemetery).

She is looking for a very nice, homey and happy restaurant with excellent food for about 20 close family and friends. Price is not an issue.

All I could think of is Nora's or Maggiono's. Any suggestions for her?

Thanks so much.

--Pining for DC ={

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  1. I would look into Tabard Inn, Bistro D'Oc (they have an area on the upper level that can fit 20 people), or Dino (the private room). All are comfortable and homey with friendly staff (especially I'm sure if you explain the situation) and yummy food.

    None of these options are particularly close to Arlington Cemetery but they are close to a metro stop and easy to drive to.

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      I took my extended family to Bistro d'Oc after my father's Arlington funeral two years ago. Worked very well, we sat in the upstairs room, and all ordered from the regular menu. It was a diverse crowd (small town Texan to east coast urbanites) but the food was enjoyed by all.

    2. Liberty Tavern isn't too far away from Arlington Cemetary and has good homey food. You would need to contact them about the 20 people. They don't have a private room, but I am sure they could find some way to accomodate you.

      Harry's Tap Room and Tallula would be other good options and I believe both have private spaces and very good food. I really think the food at Tallula is comforting and the service is nice.

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        I second Tallula. It's a nice small place, and they have private areas they can set something up for you.

      2. If price is not an issue, I highly recommend making the drive out Rte 50 from the cemetery to 2941. The private rooms can accommodate a variety of group sizes and the view out the windows is gorgeous and restorative. The chef produces excellent comfort food as well as high concept gourmet dishes. The decor is much more fashionable than homey, but the warmth of the servers, the excellence of the cuisine, and the easy drive between the two destinations would put this up high on my list. (In fact, this is where we gathered for lunch after my uncle's funeral.)

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          I once attended a post funeral meal at the Alpine Restaurant on Lee Highway in Arlington. It was set up in a separate room for a group about the size you're talking about. The Alpine is an older place and very homey. Not sure I'd call it happy, but it's a good atmosphere and the food is decent, though not exciting.

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            2941 has excellent food, but I don't know if it'll be as "homey". It's at the bottom of an office building, tho the inside is very very nice. You can't go wrong with the food (but it is pricey).

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              Have you been in the private rooms at 2941? Each has a very different feel from the rest of the restaurant. Two jut out into the landscaping. The walls are glass letting you see the cascading waterfall and the stream with the koi. Ditto to the lush landscaping. There's a smaller room -- perhaps seating for 12 -- that is accessed through a doorway to the right of the fireplace. A really neat appealing chandelier dominates the room.

              Frankly, other than L'Auberge Chez Francois, I can't think of any other restaurant that seems homey from the outside, so I wouldn't hold 2941's location in an office park against it, especially one as heavily landscaped as the Fairview Office Park. For example, someone mentioned the Alpine Restaurant. Sure the exterior architecture tends toward the homey, but the restaurant itself is located on busy Lee Hwy with its parking lot and side-by-side strip mall stores for company.

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                I think the term "homey" might need to be clarified by the OP. If in Baltimore, and I used that term, I'd be talking Snyder's Willow Grove. I haven't been, but from all I have understoon 2941 isn't homey by my standards.