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Oct 19, 2009 10:17 AM

A little bite of heaven: chestnut baklava from Gulloglu 2nd Ave between 51st and 52nd

If you love marrons glacés, you must try the chestnut baklava from Gulloglu (the new shop in Manhattan makes this less of a schlep than the Coney Island location). The chestnuts are fresh and moist and the pastry gilding on the rose. Utterly divine.

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  1. Great! We've been to Gulluoglu in Bklyn several times - their versions of baklava are excellent (try the sour cherry), and I'm addicted to their Su Boregi with cheese - a kind of noodle pudding-like dish made with thick layers of phyllo. I'm delighted that they're now in Manhattan.

    1. mmmmmmm shall have to look them up!

      1. Thanks for the tip. I made my husband run down there as he works in the area. And they ARE divine!

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          Oh yeah! (I work with a number of Turkish people - a pound of these was part of a farewell gift from the nicest of them upon his return to Istanbul.)

        2. i completely agree. I had it last week for the first time....they offer a pretty damn good baklava!

          1. After years of complaining that there is no good food in this area (we do have good raw materials as far as fish, meat, cheese, though) I now may have to bite my tongue. This place is DANGEROUS! Thank you for the tip on the chestnut baklava--I have been making do so far with the pistachio and the cherry...

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              The chestnut is the best. But I am chestnut-mad.