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Oct 19, 2009 09:46 AM

Fast Food Chains in CT- What's best?

We have been spending WAY too much time in CT McDonaldsland with the recent uptick in travel soccer driving. Please help us with some cheap, fast and good fast food options in Central and Northern CT towns. Those Sonic ads look good, but I've never seen one. Most games are in towns off I 91 or I 84. Help us, please, I can't face another yogurt, walnut and fruit salad or chicken strips (although I think these menu items are pretty tasty...)!

What do CH's think is the best fast food chain in CT? What do you order? Any guilty fast food pleasures you keep from your SO's? Can any fast food items be Chowworthy? Are any leaning towards "Deliciousness"? CT, come clean with your fast food choices!

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  1. If you find yourself farther south in CT, Duchess is a good bet. Your basic burgers, dogs, fries, onion rings, and sandwiches (and more), but it really is fresher and less production-liney than the big chains. Great breakfasts too.

    Right now, they're running a 2/$3 on bacon, egg and cheese on a hard roll -- at least they are in Ansonia, where I think they're at war with the McD's around the corner. For lunch, I like a good 'n greasy chili cheeseburger -- small and messy but it hits the spot. The onion rings are excellent.

    1. Yes, Duchess blows the national fast food chains away. They have good quality fast food made to order at a reasonable price.

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      1. Unfortunately northern CT lacks originality with fast food chains....try Popeye's for something different, and little more tasty than the burger joints. You'd be better off looking at diners right off the highway - in most cases they will offer quick service, and certainly better choices than something with a drive thru. Vernon Diner, Olympic come to mind quickly -

          1. Frankies around Waterbury is also good.

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              I second Frankies - - The one in West Haven I go to. Best hot dogs, ask for: "split, well-done with bacon" - - - with their incredible homestyle relish--YUMMY.

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                We went when we played a few weeks ago in Bristol. Much better than McD's! I had a mexican hot dog- it was really good. The kids also liked the hot dogs (plain, sigh...) and the onion rings. Cheap, good eats. Thanks for the suggestion!