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Oct 19, 2009 09:21 AM

Need pre-flight sandwich for Orlando flight.Help me hounds

'Hounds-Anyone have a fave deli/sandwich shop convenient to the Airport to keep a fellow hound away from the Quiznos,etc. blech offered by the terminal for my flight to Boston.I would love a Cuban,but I've had no luck in my searches.Also-it's on a Sunday morning to make matters even more difficult.Am I dreaming?Thanks.

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  1. The airport in Orlando isn't convenient to much, urbanspoon is probably your best bet...

    1. You are out of luck on a Sunday morning. I would recommend a sub from the Publix deli.

      1. theres a 24 hour padrinos in orlando

        1. Sunday morning near the airport? Wow, that is a tough one. And unfortunately, the choices at the airport are just awful.