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Oct 19, 2009 08:53 AM

Ottawa -interesting food stores

I have cruised Byward Market before, but are there any interesting, speciality, local or otherwise "must see" food stores in the area? I love finding local specialities. My last find was in Winnipeg - a product called Cavena Nuda, uniquely produced in Manitoba - which was just featured on Dragon's Den. Very cool stuff

Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's not in the market, but Thyme & Again is probably my favourite food store in Ottawa. They sell a variety of delicious, in-store made cakes and pastries, frozen meals and pies, and gourmet sauces, jellies, and jams. They also stock the delicious Art-Is-In bread. Overall, a fantastic place.

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    1. Not being overwhelmed with information from locals, I did my own further research (Ottawa Slow Food site is a good source). I was hoping to get to Thyme and Again (thanks vorpal) but had to pick the one on the way to the airport as my trip got abbreviated. Stopped at Grace in the Kitchen. What a great store! It is a little like a local Williams and Sonoma but with better and more local food products. It has a decent oil and vinegar section. With a taxi waiting outside I could not spend as much time (or money) as I might have, but very impressed with the place.